Bad Cop

In the future, everyone will wear… The mirror shows a mimic of me; a girl of medium build with purple hair, braided down her back that has been cut awkwardly with my scissors whenever I’ve gotten bored. Part of my hair to the left side is shaved, with a metal device secured to my skull … More Bad Cop

Can You Hear Me?

Hello? Hello? Are you awake? Can you hear me? Oh good, I’m not just a weirdo talking into a microphone then. Enjoy your sleep? You’ve been sleeping for over two months, we weren’t sure if you were ever going to wake up, but don’t worry you got yourself out of a whole lot of clearing … More Can You Hear Me?

My Health Break…

Lately, I have been unable to write…. Everyday I sit down at my laptop, bring up my book or bring up my blog and I just haven’t been able to word my sentences right, or make what I’m saying sound interesting, so I decided to go on a little, sudden break. The break from writing … More My Health Break…

Week #22

This week has been a worldwind of depression, and I apologise for my sloppiness to this blog lately. I will make it better soon! I will. Monday: Today I spent the day working for my parents, watching Netflix and playing video games. It was a day of laziness. I was also able to  do some … More Week #22