About Me

Name: Becky Willson, but you can call me Liberty Joy.

Age: 19

Hi, I’m Becky and this is my blog. I’m a book, film, beauty, video game, travel, makeup enthusiast who wants to share my journey through life talking about the things I love and what my life is like presently on this site.

I will post reviews, question tags, advice, short stories and LookBooks on here so make sure to follow and stay tuned.

Here’s the schedule for the week:

Monday – Short Story or Extract from an upcoming book…

Tuesday – Question Tag (They’re fun)

Wednesday – An update on my week so far, including photos.

Thursday – Dear Liberty/Advice Post when I see fit to do so in my life.

Friday – Short Story

Saturday – Weekly Update, with photos!

Sunday – Either a Review or no Posts – depends on what I’ve read/watched/played this week.

Please talk respectfully in the comments and to the others on this blog.

Thank you and enjoy.

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