Spoonie Questions

A Spoonie is someone who suffers from a chronic illness of some kind, like myself…

Here’s a bit more about the subject;

1. What’s your name & age?

Becky Willson and at the moment I am 19.

2. What is/are your diagnosis?

Chronically, I am diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Hypermobility, IBS, low to no immune system, and hearing loss in both ears.

I also have mental health, but we’ll come to that in another post if you all want me to.

3. How long have you been struggling with symptoms?

My whole life really. I was always known as the ‘sick kid’ as I was always off sick from school.

4. What is one “spoonie item” you couldn’t live without?

My hearing aids, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to hear!

Image result for hearing aids gif

5. What’s one thing you are pretty sure that has helped you (Ie. a medication, therapy, an amount of sleep, a type of exercise)?

Dancing and Performing Arts helped me a lot, but I would always find myself exhausted and ill by the end of the lesson, so I’ve had to stop that now. Medication has helped me but not entirely yet. Talking therapies have helped voice my pain.

Image result for performing arts gif

The doctors and I are still trying to figure out things to help me as my body likes to be difficult.

6. What is your favourite distraction while you’re in pain?

Playing video games or writing.

Image result for video games gif

7. What are your top 3 favourite TV shows to help you through the bad days?

Friends; The Big Bang Theory; Parks and Recreation.

Image result for friends  Image result for the big bang theory

Image result for parks and recreation

8. What movie do you watch when you are having a really bad day?

Usually the Harry Potter films or Mean Girls.

Image result for harry potter films Image result for mean girls

9. What is a song that uplifts your spirits?

All the Way by Schmoyoho

10. If you’re reading a book right now, what are you reading?

I’ve just started Becoming Betty by Eleanor Wood.

Image result for becoming Betty book

11. What is one good thing you’ve learned from being a spoonie?

To never take easy things like walking, shopping and hanging with friends for granted. I miss the days when doing those things didn’t exhaust me and leave me in bed for the rest of the day or the next.

12. What are three positive attributes, (that have nothing to do with be a spoonie) that describe you?

  1. I’m cheerful (most of the time).
  2. I’m helpful.
  3. I care about everyone that makes a positive impact on my life, which trust me, is easy to do.

13. If you could pursue any profession regardless of physical or mental ability what would it be?

I would be a West End performer and perform as Eponine in Les Miserables, or Kate Monster in Avenue Q, or Elpheba in Wicked. I just really love performing, and think I’m pretty good at it too.

Image result for eponine  Image result for kate monster art

Image result for elphaba art

14. Who are a couple of your role models (real or fictional)?

In no particular order;

  1. Harley Quinn (Not including the homicidal nature). (Comic Book character)
  2. Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley. (Book characters)
  3. JKRowling (Author)
  4. Holly Bourne (Author)
  5. Cara Delevingne (Model)
  6. Carrie Hope Fletcher (Performer/YouTuber)
  7. Rebecca Brown (Mental Health speaker/YouTuber)
  8. Emma Blackery (Musician/YouTuber)
  9. Elyse Willems (Comedian/YouTuber)
  10. Kendall Jenner (Model)

Image result for harley quinn art   Image result for jk rowlingImage result for harry potter girls

Image result for holly bourne  Image result for cara delevingne  Image result for carrie hope fletcher

Image result for rebecca brown youtube  Image result for emma blackery  Image result for elyse willems

Image result for kendall jenner

15. What is your favourite comfort food?

Ice-Cream, or Milk and Cookies!! I need to stop having those now though as they’re making me big!

Image result for cookie dough ice cream  Image result for milk and cookies

16. What is your favourite overall meal?

Spaghetti Bolognese!

Image result for spaghetti bolognese

17. What is your favourite dessert?

Gooey Chocolate pudding, or Red Velvet cake.

Image result for gooey centre chocolate cake  Image result for red velvet cake

G, these photos are making me hungry…

18. What is your favourite type of weather?

Warm, but comfortable warm, not BOILING!

19. Do you consider yourself an extrovert or introvert?

An Introvert.

Image result for introvert gif

20. If you could be anywhere right now where would it be?

In Ollie’s arms playing video games or watching YouTube or a film, but in New York or Florida. That would be nice thank YOU!

21. If you could travel anywhere what country/city would be your first stop?

New York City! And then I would tour the USA, going to visit the amazing Shannon in North Carolina, one of my great Spoonie friends!

Image result for nyc

22. Besides chronic illness/spoonie awareness, what is another movement/cause/activity that is also important to you?

  1. Mental Health Awareness

  2. Gender Equality

  3. Racial Equality

  4. Sexual Equality

  5. Save the Planet

23. Who has been your biggest supporter through out being a spoonie?

My family. My parents having been professionals in the medical world, and them having to go home to a medical child has never been easy for them and I know that, but they’ve never stopped encouraging me to carry on and do my best, even if I come last because of my disabilities, I tried my hardest and they know that, even when I beat myself up about it.

My sisters and brother-in-law have always seemed to be my cheerleaders. They never give up on me, even when I’m being difficult because of my illnesses. They understand, listen and tease, but they always put love into everything. They’re really special to me.

Oh and of course Ollie! Even though I have only known him for less than two years, he supports me in everything I do, and respects when I need to sleep for three hours at his place after a train ride there.


24. Name one thing someone could do or say to you that would make your day?

Just genuinely smile at me and I will be happy. No one seems to do that nowadays – genuinely smile!

Image result for smile gif

25. Suggest one fun low-energy activity!


Image result for reading gif

26. What are 3 unusual facts about yourself (again not spoonie related)?

This question has got me stumped, I have no idea… erm…

  1. I collect memories (photographs, diaries, cards, letters, full notebooks) but only mine or others if they relate to me and my family.
What else?!

2. I’m a hoarder and struggle letting objects go.

3. I find villains fascinating and like listening to their stories as it gives me ideas towards villains in my book

27. If you need to laugh what do you watch, read, listen to etc.?

The TV series mentioned above are my go-to funny TV. I also watch Jacksepticeye, FunHaus or Daz Games on YouTube, as well as some Fail Army – watching people fall over is quite funny for some horrible reason.

Image result for jacksepticeye gif  Image result for funhaus gif

Related image

28. Name three things you are grateful for!

  1. Having a loving family.
  2. Finding Ollie.
  3. Still being alive, even after all this time.

29. Are you someone another spoonie can randomly message or talk to?

Of course! Feel free! I’m here, even if its to rant to. Use my Contacts on my blog to get hold of me, I’d love to chat!


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