The Supervisor

“She read the note, folded it and nudged it with her foot into the gutter.”

She didn’t want anyone following her. She would face this person – whoever had been sending her strange texts and threats – alone.

It was one thing finding out her mobile number and sending her anonymous texts, or finding out her email too, but it was another to find out where she went to school and dropping a note into the slats in her locker.

All day she had had the letter tucked away in her blazer, not showing any of her friends or teachers. Her parents knew nothing of her leaving her room at midnight that night, taking her bike out of the shed and following google maps to this location the note had given her, underlined by someone who called themselves the Supervisor.

She knew she should have called her friends, but she did not want them to get hurt. This could be dangerous, she knew that, but she wanted to know. She wanted to be certain who this Supervisor was.

These people had pictures. Pictures like the ones you would find from a peeping-tom’s, of her getting changed through her window. They had photos that she had sent only to her boyfriend and no one else. She had trusted her boyfriend, and hoped he had nothing to do with this.

Tears started sliding down her face as she rode to this location.

The note had stated that this person would leave her alone if she came to them that night before sunrise, and after dark.

Her parents had taken forever to get to sleep, so midnight was the only time she could sneak out.

The location was five minutes away, and she took those five minutes to pull herself together and make herself seem strong.

Pulling into where the location had stated, she found herself in a park, completely deserted, the front gates to it padlocked from anyone getting in.

She was sick of getting messed around by this person that she punched in a mad Where are you? into the phone, messaging the anonymous number.

In return she received a blunt response.

Now I know you will follow my instructions, I want you to do something for me. 




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