Bad Cop

In the future, everyone will wear…

The mirror shows a mimic of me; a girl of medium build with purple hair, braided down her back that has been cut awkwardly with my scissors whenever I’ve gotten bored. Part of my hair to the left side is shaved, with a metal device secured to my skull that loops over one eye for calls, messages and more.

This girl in the mirror is wearing a grey jumpsuit with plated white armour secured over the shoulders and knees. Don’t worry, the armour is the best kind, made from lightweight material and yet super effective.

There is a beige wrap around my shoulders. A Personal touch. Something that’s not like what other people wear.

The wrap is something my mother always told me to wear when it was cold outside although it rarely is nowadays thanks to the pollution.

This wrap once belonged to my mother before she braved the outside world and tried to live beyond the barricade, leaving me with my grandfather. I haven’t seen her since, but many tell me that she’s probably dead. I was only young. She’s now a distant memory, but this wrap stays with me. She made it herself just for me, so it’s special.

Mimic Me is also wearing knee high black boots that are strong enough to kick any bully’s shins to the ground. I saved up all my coins to get my hands on these boots once they became available in the nearest market.

This outfit is something to get through the towns quick, especially with the riots going on ever since those outsiders were allowed through the barricade and into the City.

Securing my satchel around my shoulders I give the mirror one last smile before moving out of my apartment and into the world beyond, ready to begin my first day in the military police, and to question those outsiders.

I’ve been playing Good Cop for too long in this City – to my peers at school and to my colleagues at past works – but now its time for Mea to prove that she’s not a force to be reckoned with.

Time to be Bad Cop.


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