End of Week Update 04/05/17-06/05/17



Today I had a meeting about student finance and university this September, which required a trip into town.

No matter how much I look at this photo, I realise how forced that smile was as today I was in a lot a pain thanks to my chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and just feeling plain crappy and virally. Yay!

To try and cheer myself up after the meeting I went shopping, buying the new – not to new now – PS4 game Horizon Zero Dawn, as well as some basil bread sticks for Ollie which I know he loves, and a couple of books; one for Ollie – Misery by Stephen King – and one – Becoming Better by Eleanor Wood – for me.

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I then went home and slept for the rest of the day as I was exhausted. Yay!



Just when I took this picture – Is a video – my lovely boyfriend decided to let one ripppp leaving a lovely smell of egg which is why I’m holding my nose. Nice one Ollie. Much appreciated.

Today, despite feeling like sh&t, I went to see Ollie who – believe me! – feels ten times worse than me and is having to do house rest until he gets better, which we have no idea how long will be.

I brought him his presents which proceeded with us opening the basil stick and snacking on them while watching Netflix and YouTube. It was a pretty chill day, and if I’m honest, I did fall asleep on him for two to three hours… oops. I’ve missed him so much as he’s been ill for ages and I’ve been genuinely busy and not able to see him as much as I’d liked, therefore seeing him today was amazing!

By the end of the day however, doing two train journeys into London and back made me EXHAUSTED, so I slept VERY well to say the least.


Today was a day of rest, sitting in the front room in my old Leavers Hoodie and comfy trousers while playing Horizon. It was a good day.

To make it better! One of my best friends, Hannah, came over for the evening. I haven’t seen her in FOREVER, so it was great to finally see her again and actually give her her birthday/Christmas present. (Did I mention it had been a long time since seeing her)

Hannah and I ate takeout Chinese food while watching Outnumbered – one of the best British TV shows there was back in 2000s – YouTube, and then moving on to playing GTAV together and making a mess of Los Santos getting arrested many times, and dying a total of five times in an hour. Not bad if you ask me, but that’s because Hannah liked going up to random people and punching them in the face. She didn’t know the controls, but it was still funny to see her try and jump and accidentally elbow some poor bystander in the jaw, gaining us a tenner in the process.

She left late, leaving me to go to bed smiling from a great day.

Now I’m sitting here Sunday morning typing the blog post that should have gone up yesterday… whoops. Do forgive me!

I’ll see you all in the next one.

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