Can You Hear Me?



Are you awake?

Can you hear me?

Oh good, I’m not just a weirdo talking into a microphone then.

Enjoy your sleep? You’ve been sleeping for over two months, we weren’t sure if you were ever going to wake up, but don’t worry you got yourself out of a whole lot of clearing up. That’s all everyone’s been doing really; clearing up the streets of all of its demolished houses and rubble that been flying around and of course trying to figure out with all the old planets lying around the place.

Don’t you remember?

You saved us. You saved us, surely you should remember?


The Doctors have just explained. Turns out you don’t remember anything from the last few months as that weird mechanical arm thing seemed to suck out so much energy from you that it knocked some memory cell things out of your head. That the good part as I was researched that it should’ve killed you. I’m surprised you’re not in pain.

Okay, maybe I got that bit of science wrong, but whatever that machine-arm-thing was, it really did do some damage to you.


This is probably sounding like complete boggle through your ears.

I can see you by the way. This isn’t just a recording. I can see you but you can’t see me. They’ve put you in this strange white room with wires that are hooked up everywhere around you and you seem to be wearing a massive headset that covers your eyes. The Doctors are only bringing your senses back to you slowly otherwise it might damage you.

You look awful.

I wish they would let me out from behind this window and actually let me go and see you and hug you and kiss you!

I’ve been coming to see you every day hoping that you would wake up and when I got the news that you were, I came running! But they wouldn’t let me see you until now. Apparently you were awake but sending some disfigured response signals back.

You do remember who I am though, don’t you?

Oh, I guess by that expression on your face you don’t.

This voice or text or however you’re hearing me must be lost in your mind.

You don’t remember me at all?

My name’s Beth?

Well, Bethany but you always called me Beth, remember? No. Okay.

I was the person who found you, who called out to you, you have to remember me. Please remember me!


The doctors just told me I have to calm down otherwise they’ll chuck me out, but I’m staying. I don’t care how long it takes me but I’m not leaving until you remember me because … because I love you. You saved my life. You saved everyone’s life and … I want you to learn the story from someone who cares about you and not just that you come out here walking without another scratch on your file.

No offence Doctor.

I’ll tell you what happened.

Now I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you what I know, but I’m sure that if the memory of me is still in that broken brain of yours somewhere, that you would say that you wouldn’t care to hear anything but to know that I’m safe. You said that to me. Remember?

Let me explain…

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