Hi! I’m back!

Exactly one month later, I am back onto my blog and hope to please EVERY ONE OF YOU with new posts; new stories; new hauls (I bought a lot of stuff on my break).

Again, I apologise SO MUCH for the break I took, but I had to.


I’m still not feeling my best, but at the moment, writing has definitely been helping a lot more than it did a month ago, so I knew that NOW was the best time to get back to blogging.

My sequel to Discover the Blind Side is SO CLOSE TO BEING FINISHED. I’m working on it every day, so I’m sure that it will get completed by the end of the year. I HOPE!

*touch wood*

Image result for touch wood gif

Since I’ve been away, no much has happened besides trying to get better.

  1. I’m still looking for work.
  2. I’m taking more and more tablets (prescribed) to get my chronic illnesses taken care of.
  3. The kitchen at home is getting re-done so my house is quite hectic.

Yeah, I think that’s all that’s different.

Today, I am just chilling writing and watching FunHaus videos. It’s gooooood!

Image result for funhaus Image result for funhaus people

These people are usually my go-to to cheer me up… them and JACKSEPTICEYE!!

Related image

YouTube is a big help for me at the moment!

I’ll try my best to keep this blog going. I love communicating with people through my writing, and love all of you who have stayed with my though this break.

Thank you for reading!

Liberty_Joy x

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