24/03/17 My 19th Birthday! (Tag)

1. What month is your birthday?

March. I’m an Aries!

Image result for aries tumblr

2. What is your birth-stone? (include a picture!)

It is the Bloodstone!!

Related image

3. Did you have a party?

Not this year, unfortunately.

4. What has been your favourite present ever?

I went to Vale, Colorado to go Skiing, flying out on my birthday one year when I turned ten. It was awesome! It wasn’t a present, but it was still amazing to go to USA on my actual birthday!

5. Do you know of a flower or plant that blooms in your birth-month?

Apparantly – says a website I just found – the Arabis flower blooms in March…

Image result for arabis

6. Do you know of anyone famous who you share your birthday with?

Jim Parsons; Mary Berry; Lord Alan Sugar

Image result for jim parsons  Related image Image result for alan sugar

7. Have you ever met anyone who shared your birthday?

One of my best friend’s brother has the same birthday as me, and my friend’s mother.

8. What month and day would you love to have your birthday on?

I love the day I’ve been given.

9. Name three things you’d love to receive as a gift.

  1. A week trip to Disneyworld Florida and Orlanda Universal Resort.
  2. £10,000,000 (I’m being honest)
  3. One of my books published into a paperwork.

10. Anything random concerning birthdays (or anything else) that you’d like to mention?

Thank you to everyone who celebrated my 19th! I loved it.

Image result for birthday gif


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