Week #22

This week has been a worldwind of depression, and I apologise for my sloppiness to this blog lately. I will make it better soon! I will.


Today I spent the day working for my parents, watching Netflix and playing video games. It was a day of laziness.

I was also able to  do some writing!! Only a bit, and then I lost inspiration and lost my flow, therefore putting the writing away for another day.


Image result for gamer girl art

Today I gamed.

I felt low, therefore submerged myself into the world of Skyrim and played the day away… as well as doing some work for my parents and spending time with Ollie.

Not much happened, except for me killing two dragons in the course of an hour, which to me is pretty impressive… don’t laugh. I’m still new to this game.


I felt pretty today.

I have started working out again, finding some indoor workout ideas off Pinterest to do in my spare time. I was feeling fresher after a goodnight sleep, and ready to conquer the world!! Well maybe not the world… maybe just my demons.

Today I went to Southampton to talk about the support factor of the university.

Thanks to my many health problems, a university’s support service is a big factor to me, so I’m so glad the Southampton Solent has a strong one!

I was able to talk to people about my course, and things that will be put in place because of my hearing, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyaglia. It was really helpful to speak to them, and for them to even take the time out to speak to me.


Image result for girl with laptop art

Today I wrote and watched YouTube.

I was so tired for some reason, my Chronic Fatigue just didn’t want to co-operate, so I spent the day on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, writing my book and watching YouTube.



Image result for girl drawing

Today I went shopping with Ollie!

This weekend we’re going to our friend’s kidney anniversary party!! So I was getting some last minute accessories, including new shoes and bag.

I was also able to pick up GTA5! After 3 years, I’ve finally got it for myself. I can’t wait to play it!

Ollie and I wandered around for a bit. He had a meeting, so I just walked around the shops for a bit.

Together we picked up some things for the weekend, and then headed home to watch YouTube, before Ollie had to go home.

Saturday (START):


This morning I looked like this, waiting for my Prince Charming to pick me up, ready for the party tonight.

I’m all packed, and ready to make a weekend out of it! I can’t wait.

I’ve mainly been writing this morning. Not doing anything too exciting.

Just waiting….

Still waiting….


Image result for spoonie quote


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