50 (More) Questions I Found on Tumblr #3

1. Do you type fast?

I’m a writer; I’ve taught myself how to write fast so that the words on the screen keep up to speed with the words in my head.

2. Do you regret anything from your past?

No. All of the drama and chaos that happened in my past has helped shape the person I am today. I wouldn’t change that for the world.

3. Can you spell well?

W-E-L-L… Dad joke much…

Image result for disappointed gif

I think I can! Some words I get mixed up with, but most of the other words I can spell just fine, I think…

4. Do you miss anyone from your past?

Yes, but I know that they’re never coming back.

5. Ever been to a bonfire party?

Every 5th November!! Bonfire night!! It’s so much fun.

Image result for bonfire gif

6. Ever broken someone’s heart?

I don’t know… I don’t think so.

7. Have you ever been on a horse?

YES! I used to horse ride until I was twelve. RIP Toffee the horse. My darling!

8. What should you be doing?

Relaxing until Zumba, which is what I’m doing!

9. Is something irritating you right now?

Wanting to know what the hell my body is doing to my health…

10. Have you ever liked someone so much it hurt?

Yes. It was not nice.

11. Do you have trust issues?

Too much hurt in the past has made me trust not so easily…

12. Who was the last person you cried in front of?

My boyfriend… he’s a saint for putting up with my emotions right now!

13. What was your childhood nickname?

Curly-Whirly. My dad used to call me and my sister it all the time!

14. Have you ever been out of your province/county?

I have, yes! Many times. It’s not difficult to in England.

15. Do you play the Wii?

Sometimes! I usually play Xbox or PS4 now, but the Wii is played whenever my sister, her boyfriend and my boyfriend come home and we challenge each other to a Mario Kart race or Super Smash Bros.

16. Are you listening to music right now?

No, I’m listening/watching Jacksepticeye. It’s his birthday today while I’m writing this! Happy Birthday Jack/Sean!!

17. Do you like chicken noodle soup?

Yes I do! It’s not as good as tomato, but it’s still yummy!

18. Do you like Chinese food?

YES! It is a tradition to eat Chinese on my birthday every year. THAT is how much I love it. It is my birthday meal of choice, EVERY. TIME.

19. Favourite book?

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, and All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. If I said Harry Potter, it would have been too obvious.

Image result for ready player one  Image result for all the bright places

Twitter: @ErnieCline

Twitter: @JenniferNiven

20. Are you afraid of the dark?

If I’m alone and not in bed.

21. Are you mean?

I try not to be! But I can be brutally honest.

22. Is cheating ever okay?

NO! It is NEVER okay to cheat.

23. Can you keep white shoes clean?


24. Do you believe in love at first sight?

A crush at first sight, sure, but not love.

25. Do you believe in true love?

Yes, I do.

26. Are you currently bored?

I’m not actually. I’m content.

27. What makes you happy?

Family, friends, Ollie, my dog Lucy, video games, films, books, performing arts, writing.

28. Would you change your name?

Nope! I like my name. It’d be weird to change it.

29. What your zodiac sign?

Aries! The best!!

Related image

30. Do you like subway?

The sandwich shop? YES! I always get the meatball marinara.

31. Your bestfriend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?

‘Okay, I’m not going to date you but cheers for letting me know? But you should probably move on, because liking me isn’t going to get anywhere. Apologies. We’re still friends though, unless you try and make moves.’

32. Who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with?

Ollie!! My love.

33. Favourite lyrics right now?

What’s going on deep in me,
All of these feelings suddenly?
If I am changing, will I still be;
Or what if I am somebody new?
Imagine, the things I might do!

I might a chance, I’ve always wondered how
Or maybe I’ll dance and try how to laugh more than I do now.
And the world will open its eyes,
And for once the whole world will recognize Carrie!

~Carrie the Musical.

It’s so fun to sing this bit!!

34. Can you count to one million?

If I had the time and will power… and if I was THAT BORED!

35. Dumbest lie you ever told?

I’m fine.

36. Do you sleep with your doors open or closed?

CLOSED! Otherwise the ghosts and monsters get in.

37. How tall are you?


38. Curly or Straight hair?

I wish my hair was curly, but alas, it’s straight.

39. Brunette or Blonde?

As in preference? I don’t mind.

Image result for we're all pretty gif

140. Summer or Winter?

Between the two? Summer!

Image result for in summer gif

41. Night or Day?

Night time. I’m a night owl!

42. Favourite month?

March!! It’s my birthday month. Oh, and December because CHRISTMAS!

43. Are you a vegetarian?

I used to be, but I didn’t do it properly so I got ill… oops.

44. Dark, milk or white chocolate?

White chocolate!

Image result for white chocolate gif

45. Tea or Coffee?

Tea!! I’m a tea drinker.

46. Was today a good day?

It has been so far! Yes.

47. Mars or Snickers?

Mars! I love Mars Bars.

48. What’s your favourite quote?

I’ve been asked this so many times, but here it is!..

49. Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes, but I don’t think they’re here to hurt us. They’re just lost or here to have fun.

50. Get the closest book next to you, open it to page 42, what’s the first line on that page?

Okay the book is Starter For Ten by David Nicholls.

“It’s a pretty grim sight, like a newly discovered circle of hell, and the girl watches with knowing contempt, as if waiting for the bomb she’s planted to go off.

I’m really loving this book!


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