Week #19 END


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I’m not lying. That picture sums up my position throughout MOST of the day.

To start the day I was at the Doctors, bright and early, needing to be there for 8:40am. I don’t think I’ve had to purposefully be awake and somewhere that early since almost a year ago. It doesn’t help that I was awake for the whole night before, being awake with nerves for this precise Doctor’s appointment. Yikes.

Thankfully, I wasn’t at the Doctor’s long and was soon back home where I went straight to bed and slept the day away. I’m not joking. I slept the day away. I spent the rest of the day in bed watching YouTube or Parks and Recreation, barely emerging from my room until dinner.


For some reason my nose looks really bloated in these shots… oh well, we’ll role with it.

Today was a pretty standard day as I was off to Southampton in the evening with my Mum.

The day was filled with packing my bags for the day and the journey, getting together all of the forms that I needed to bring, and going over the plan for the following day…

You see, tomorrow is the day of the Southampton Solent University’s Admissions Day. My future University’s open day!!

Image result for southampton solent university

Mum and I are going down to Southampton to take one last look around it until I move in in September!! Exciting!!

Image result for exciting gif

So at around five in the evening, Mum and I set off in the car to the coast to our hotel where we stayed, watching Big Bang Theory and sleeping until we had to wake up the next day.


(A post that will go into further information will be put up Tomorrow)

Today was the day I showed my mum around my chosen university for this September!

It was such a good day. I was able to meet the course leaders, professors and have a try on some of the equipment they had in the department that I will be living in for four years.

Come September, I will be starting my Foundation in Journalism, Advertising and Marketing Degree and moving to Southampton!! I can’t wait. To say I am excited is an understatement.

So, following the open day, mum and I headed home where I am now. I have babysitting later so I will be getting ready for that very soon, but for now I am relaxing and doing some writing.


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