The Sudden Crash in the Night

At first I thought it was just the wind, blowing the tree twigs against the window.

When I heard the smash I thought it was just something falling from my shelves and did not bother to turn on my light. My parents hadn’t steered so I wasn’t worried.

But as soon as I heard a ‘Humph’, I knew something was going on and turned on the light, sat bolt upright and stared around, rubbing at my eyes.

There he was, on his knees having just clambered through my now broken window with shards of glass lying around him. He was breathing heavily as if he had just been running, his chest falling up and down deeply. His hair was swept over his face, sticking to his forehead with sweat.

I would have screamed if he had been a total stranger, but this was Andrew Moore and he was known on being the strange kid at college, of always having such a carefree attitude and having barely any emotion to even smile at a joke.

That is not true whatsoever as I was partnered with him for a book review and he’s a nice person on his own; he’s funny and yes, weird but is a good type of different. I hate the rumours spread about him, but after seeing him on the floor of my bedroom, I didn’t know what to believe. We had become friends, but I still did not feel comfortable with him being in my bedroom. We never came to my house when we were studying.

‘Andrew,’ I hissed, pulling my blankets around my shoulders. My parents and little sister were still sleeping, after all.

Andrew looked up at me, his expression icy and frightening. I was taken aback. ‘Do you know where I can hide a dead body?’ he whispered.

I blinked at him, unsure if I had truly heard him correctly. ‘Please tell me this is another one of your jokes.’

Andrew shook his head, getting to his feet. He was wearing all black; black jeans; black t-shirt; leather jacket; black trainers. His sandy hair was messy, stuck to his face and sticking up in different ways. ‘I’m not joking,’ he said, his voice quiet, ‘I was able to dump the body in a massive dustbin around from my house, but I’m sure the police will find that and track me down by tomorrow afternoon. I’d say we have until the morning before the body is found so we should probably get a move on.’

Again, I blinked and shook my head at him trying to process the information. ‘We?’ was the only word I could get out of my mouth at this time.

‘I can’t do this on my own, I’m only one man and even the best serial killer needs a help.’ Andrew smirked.


‘I’m joking,’ Andrew shrugged, ‘I’m not a serial killer, but I do need help.’

‘Listen,’ I sighed, ‘what is going on? Who is this person?’

‘I’ll explain in the car,’ Andrew said, ‘meet me down there in five minutes. You might want to change out of pyjamas and into something a bit more flattering.’

Giving a jump, I looked down at my pyjama top that had a dinosaur on the front in a stripy hat yawning, and pyjama shorts with multiple sleepy dinosaurs on. I had bought the pyjama set when I was eleven and even though they were a little frayed and thin, they still fit and were comfortable for a hot spring night.

Andrew raised his eyebrows at me.

‘If I go will you pay to replace my window?’ I asked him.

‘Half,’ Andrew said simply.

‘No way,’ I rolled my eyes, ‘get out of my bedroom and let me sleep.’

Andrew let out a loud groan so I had to shush him to quieten him. ‘Fine,’ Andrew agreed, ‘meet me by my car in five minutes. Don’t worry you’ll be back in your precious pink bed covers by dawn, I promise.’

‘I better be,’ I clambered out of bed, ‘get out.’

Just like he had come, Andrew climbed out of my window and down the tree again.

I could’ve gone back to bed and pretended this had never happened. I could’ve tucked myself up under my pink bed covers again and gone to sleep, imagining that Andrew’s request had been a dream.

Instead, I grabbed black jeans, bra and an old grey hoodie that I had stolen from my older brother when he moved out, and slipped on some plimsolls. This was of course going to be a huge risk on my life, but it seemed like an adventure and I was not going to pass on one of those.

I ran down the stairs, grabbed my house keys and ran out of the house making sure to only click the front door shut and not let it slam, waking everyone up.

Seeing Andrew’s land rover made my heart quicken and actually fall into reality.

If Andrew wasn’t joking, then where we were going was a dead body that had something linked to Andrew and I was not sure I was comfortable with that, but he had seen me from the drivers’ seat and was waving at me. There was no turning back now.

So, taking a deep breath I slotted my hands in my pockets and ran across the gravel and into Andrew’s car. I had been in his car many times and was not surprised to see the empty crisp packets at my feet, or the nodding bulldog in the back window, but I was surprised to see how calm Andrew was.

I buckled myself in and looked at him expectantly.

He gave me a quick nod and started the car, driving off down the road.


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