Week #17 START


Today I wasn’t feeling my best, admittedly.

My mental health and I were not seeing eye to eye and it put me in a very crappy position all day.

The day included me doing some work for my parents, and curled up in my office watching YouTube and Netflix. My emotional state wasn’t the best, and that sucks, but at least I’m still here, able to blog about it so that’s positive.

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Today was a much better day.

Why you ask?

Because I got my second hearing aid fitted to my right ear!

I’m half-deaf. Without my hearing aids, I can hear, but barely. You’d have to speak really loud and really close to me in order for me to hear, otherwise I’d just be lip-reading you – or trying my best to anyway.

But now! I have one hearing aid for both ears, so now I can hear! I’m still getting used to having two instead of one, but it’s making things a lot easier already.

I also went to Zumba this evening, and was able to hear the music a lot clearer! Dancing was a lot more fun when I could actually HEAR the music…

When I got back from Zumba, I admitted defeat and accepted the fact that I’ll be a tomato for the rest of my life…

But as you can see, I’m was a lot happier after Zumba then I was yesterday.

Here are some none sweaty photos of me, after I had showered and got back into my pyjamas…

I’m tired in these photos! Be nice!!

The rest of the day I watched Jacksepticeye, skyped Ollie and then went straight to sleep.

It was a positive day.


Today was a much lazier day because I woke up at NOON!!! I know… I know…

I spent the first half of the day curled up on the sofa like a lazy sloth, watching Jacksepticeye on the TV – because I found out that my TV has frikkin YouTube on it! WHAT?! – and cuddling with my lovely dog Lucy, even though she took up the whole space and soon I was left with only the floor for comfort…


Look at her cute sassy face!!

But anyway, I spent the rest of the day working for my parents and then went for a walk, which was WAY easier to do with my new hearing aids as now I could actually hear when the cars were coming!! My sight isn’t that good anyway, so at least my hearing is a lot easier to handle…

Now, I’m sitting at my office about to go downstairs and get my dinner. I’ll probably then watch more YouTube and do some writing, and then go to bed.

I hope the start of your week has been lovely! And I’ll speak to you in the next post!!

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