Week #16 END


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Frankly I forgot to take a photo today as I was too busy sleeping… After the week I have had so far I was in bed or on the sofa for most of the day, watching Park and Recreation or Gossip Girl.

Can’t go wrong with those two shows…

There’s not much else about today, except for the fact that it was a very lazy one.


Yes, that’s a coat that is incredibly fluffy and I love it! It’s so warm!! Even though I look like a marshmallow…

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Today was the start of Ollie’s 21st Birthday Weekend, so naturally, we went out for the night with our friends, catching up with them and having a laugh. I loved it! We had deep conversations, and also talked about the new trailer for Logan!! I’m so excited for that film… inner nerd is exploding out right now… conceal!

We didn’t stay out that long as we had a busy day planned for Saturday… a birthday!


Today is Ollie’s birthday!!


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With his family, we went to London and had an amazing meal at a place called the Babylon Restaurant, and then Ollie and I went off to the National History museum, M&M World, and then went to see Wicked!!

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I love this musical and always have, it’s one of my favourites and I’ve seen it many times! I was so happy when Ollie loved it too, experiencing it properly for the first time.

Overall, I hope he had a great birthday because I definitely loved the day!



As I missed posting this blog post on Saturday as I’ve been away from my computer since Friday, I thought it was only the right thing to do, to tell you about my Sunday too.

It’s been a lazy one!

Ollie and I went back to my house and together we played Little Big Planet 3.

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It was only a brief time together, but it was the perfect finish to a wonderful weekend! I was able to stay in my pyjamas throughout the entire day, and even walked the dog in them. Despite the cold, I was really warm outside in my PJs…

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The end of the week has been a lovely one, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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