Week #15 END


Today was the next day at Ollie’s which I spent most of the time writing/editing my book while Ollie did his college assignment… romantic, right?

It was a day of silent company, which was enjoyable for the start, but once it got into the afternoon we realised that we had been working separately, in the same room, all through the day that when we finally looked out of the window we found out that it was dark!

And not only dark.

But snowing!!

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Baring in mind I was meant to be going home today, the roads were covered in snow – and thick for England’s standards – so Ollie and I suddenly tuned out of work and thought…

“what are we going to do?”

That is SNOWY for England… we freak out over this much snow. English citizens can not FUNCTION with this much snow!

So, I ended up bundling myself up and sleeping over for another night while we thought “How the hell is Becky going to get home?” and “How the hell is Ollie going to get to college tomorrow?




At 7am I was forced out of my slumber!!!

(Exaggerated… I wasn’t… Ish) 

And was to brave the FREEZING minus numbers of outside to get myself home, through the thinned snow that was basically now ICE.

Together, Ollie and I trekked to the bus, then trekked to the tram and then finally ran for the train which we have 4 MINUTES to get.

Image result for we've only got 4 minutes gif

No joke!

Thankfully, I got on the train and was parted with Ollie as he got off at his stop to go to college….

Image result for anime tear gif

What a journey we had gone on! Baring in mind I was going through all that with two heavy bags and a big Stitch plush under my arm for the whole ride, so that made it a bit more interesting, I will admit.

I then got home – WHICH HAD NO SNOW AROUND! (WHAT?!) – and slept until 1pm.

The day was then filled with sitting in my office writing and watching Jacksepticeye. Oh yeah! And taking an actual decent selfie without makeup all down my face;


Yes, I’m in my pyjamas, and that furry creature on my lap is my dog Lucy. Don’t let your mind wander…


Today I spent most of the day sleeping and then watching TV with my family, catching up on the Sherlock episode that I missed (What was that?!)

Image result for sherlock gif

And then retreating to my office to write this blog post.

Thanks to my mental health, today has been an interesting one but I am not letting that effect my day as a whole.

It has been a good day.

I walked the dog. I had a full English Breakfast which I will definitely be working off this next week in NEW FITNESS CLASSES THAT I AM STARTING!! – So excited for that – I am now going to be doing some writing, skype my boyfriend and then go to bed most likely late, ready to have a great day seeing the family!!

Goodnight everyone!

Love, Liberty_Joy x

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