Week #15 START


Okay, so because I felt bloody AWFUL today, I was not going to grace the internet with a photograph, which leads me to this image…

Image result for sleeping girl drawing

I stayed in bed most of the day, sleeping and getting over this cold that doesn’t seem to want to budge. I job searched when I could and did a little bit of writing before giving up and deleting what I had done as it was so poor.


Related image

Hi there! Again feeling too shit to show my face so here you are.

I did some sorting out today, organising a little room in my house to create into an office space ALL FOR ME! I always needed a little nook where I could just write, so I’ve been making it all day and will show pictures once it is done. I’ve also cleared a lot of junk that had been stored in the nook over the years and found things that we had that were over ten years old! It was an interesting day.


I felt a bit better today, hence the photograph. YAY! But of course, I’m not wearing any makeup still.

I carried on the day in my new little office space, tidying it and making it mine. I had spent a lot of the day sleeping, so only really had the afternoon/evening to tidy before having to go to bed again ready for the new day.

To my delight, I finished clearing it out of junk and creating my space so now I have an office! I did some writing and watching of Gossip Girl, wrapping myself in blankets and sitting comfortably on my office chair into the night.


Today I felt a lot better, and I think part of that is because I got to see Ollie!

He picked me up in the morning and drove me to his house so we could hang out and look after his dog.

And here I stay, doing some writing while he does assignment work for his college. It’s a tame day for the both of us, getting over the lurgy we had both caught, but the day has been a good one so far.

I made a bitchin’ hot chocolate with maple syrup and whipped cream for the both of us!


That got on our noses the moment we tried to drink them…


It tasted so good though!!

So here I am, writing this blog, ready for the rest of the day which will probably consist of more writing, playing Xbox and watching films. A good day.

See you in the next one!

Image result for girl writing on laptop drawing



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