Week #14 END



Today, as you can see, I look quite dopey.

That is because I have gotten a cold… just what I need to start off the New Year!

I spent the whole day writing, adding pages and paragraphs to my book making it look as if I had only edited one page when really I hadn’t.

Today was a productive day, even though it was the start of me feeling rotten.


After so many time me just showing you all a drawing, I decided to show you my ill face. Here it is! Puffy/make up free/hair up/tired. I’m also wearing my pink marshmallow-like dressing gown – no regrets. It is so comfy!

I couldn’t concentrate on anything today and spent the day watching Netflix. I tried to play The Sims but almost killed my family, so I Saved and Exited straight away.

Thankfully though, Dominoes Pizza had my back! (not spon, I just find this hilarious).

Because I felt ill and couldn’t move from the sofa, I ordered pizza and decided to tweet Dominoes in the process. Here is their response;



Unfortunately I didn’t get to post a blog post because I felt so ill and couldn’t write properly! I didn’t even edit! I feel that ill.


Today I still felt awful, but ended up being a little more productive, even if I did sleep until 2pm.

I did a few sitting jobs for my mum, while watching Gossip Girl.

That’s been my day really… and yes, I do look like a sloth in these images!


That has been my week!! See you in the next one.

Image result for sick quotes


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