Week #14 START

Let’s Get Down to Business!


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So… this is what I looked like at NIGHT as I was at a New Years Eve party. I loved this makeup look too! Even though I did it when I was slightly tipsy and having a clumsy day because I wasn’t well, either.

Here’s me and Ollie;

Don’t we look cute!! I was definitely the formally dressed one there, but I don’t care. I look pretty and that’s what matters!!

I won’t show you a photo of what I look like when I woke up Sunday after noon because I was a MESS.

No really.


I’m not showing you, but I looked slightly like this…

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I spent the rest of the day with Ollie, making a quick stop to town to buy a birthday present for his mum that was the next day. 

We then headed back to mine to watch films and play Skyrim. Oh yeah, and made sure to buy the compulsory KFC bucket on the way home; the food we ALWAYS get when we have a house to ourselves for a night. It was a dream evening.


Today was a day to get over the weekend. So I wore no makeup.

Ollie went home feeling unwell – not just getting over the hangover. He was ILL ill. *sad face*. I was sending him home with tissues and big hugs.

I think spent the rest of the day editing my book that’s STILL GETTING EDITED! Jeez, it’s taking a while… thank you twelve year old Becky. You had a great imagination, but could not pace your books for shit! And playing Skyrim. My new found love!

No! I never played Skryim when it was on the Xbox 360. I’ve only now chosen to buy it in the boxing day sales, and I am SO GLAD I DID! Thank you to my friends for giving me an Amazon voucher too! It really helped. I am now a proud nord and cannot get enough of this game!!

Yeah, so that was my Monday.


Today it was made official.

I am now unemployed.

The Christmas Temp job I was doing has now finished, and today I handed in my uniform. It is officially over. It sucks. I loved working there…

So today, I spent the first half of the day with my mum doing some shopping and then got home to do more writing of my book.

I only did simple makeup today. Nothing too fancy as I was only going shopping and was still tired from the weekend to do anything bold.

Just a note: You will be seeing a LOT of that jumper. It is a Charity Shop find and I am in love with it! Get used to seeing it in photos.


As you can tell… I REALLY like my makeup today.

I succeeded in a BIG FLICK and a CUT CREASE eyeshadow look. I am so proud of it, so naturally, I’m going to pout Plus! Look at my hair looking all ginger. This is one happy bunny!

Today I had my fortnightly trip to the doctors, ran errands around the house, including taking down the Christmas decorations… Which was horrible….



I edited my book some more and now I’m sitting here typing this out, so that has been my day. I’ll probably play some more PlayStation or watch Parks and Recreation, but at the moment that has been my week.

Happy I brought back the LookBooks?

I hope so… they’re not going anywhere for a while.

Okay! Let’s bring on the rest of the week!

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