New Years Eve Tag – 2016

1. What was the single best thing that happened this past year?

Ollie and I reached our 1 year anniversary!

img_1063  IMG_1062.JPG

2. What was the single most challenging thing that happened?

In April. My Mental Health was at a major down point. Major MAJOR down point, and I’m still working over it but I’m getting there I think.

3. What was an unexpected joy this past year?

Starting work and ENJOYING work.

4. What was an unexpected obstacle?

A certain person… but they’re gone. They’re gone and I’ve only recently realised why they should stay gone.

5. Pick three words to describe 2016.

  1. Death
  2. Health
  3. Love

6. Pick three words your partner or best friend would use to describe your 2016 (don’t ask them; guess based on how you think they see you).

  1. Challenging
  2. Loving
  3. Eye-Opening

7. Pick three words your partner or best friend would use to describe their 2016 (again, without asking).

I’m going to guess Ollie’s.

  1. Busy
  2. Fun
  3. Loving

8. What were the best books you read this year?

  1. Night School by C.J.Daugherty.
  2. What’s a Girl Gotta Do? By Holly Bourne.
  3. Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver.

9. With whom were your most valuable relationships?

With my family, Ollie and his family!

10. What was your biggest personal change from January to December of this past year?

I grew up a lot this year! I know that a very clique thing to say, but I really think I have. I’ve learnt to prioritise/work/organise. I’ve learned how to look after myself a lot more and be more adult. I’m 18 now goddammit!

I’ve started to NOT GIVE UP. I try not to let my health get in the way of me anymore and stop me from getting on with my life. I never stop moving as much as I can. I never want to become my illness like I did in the past.

11. In what way(s) did you grow emotionally?

I’ve learnt how to stand up for myself and not take things so personally.

12. In what way(s) did you grow spiritually?

I’ve been a lot more positive,

13. In what way(s) did you grow physically?

I’m now 5,5! I was 5,4 at the start of this year!!

14. In what way(s) did you grow in your relationships with others?

I’ve not been so private. I’ve trusted the ones I love a lot more than I used to.

15. What was the most enjoyable part of your work (professionally or at home)?

Just working in general! It was so much fun to meet new people and get to experience working life!

16. What was the most challenging part of your work (professionally or at home)?

Waking up in the morning and keeping to my attendance even when I’m feeling like crap.

17. What was your single biggest time waster in your life this past year?

Staying in bed for weeks at a time and doing nothing productive. Why wasn’t I writing? Why wasn’t I excising? Why wasn’t I working? I don’t know!

18. What was the best way you used your time this past year?

  1. Working
  2. Being with Ollie
  3. Being with family
  4. Writing my book
  5. Blogging
  6. Exploring London

19. What was the biggest thing you learned this past year?

To stop dwelling on the past and keep looking forward.

Never let your health get the better of you! Keep shooting for the stars!

20. Create a phrase or statement that describes 2016 for you.

Stop Killing Our Heroes!

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