It Starts to Snow…

They just sit there, with her legs over his as they rest on their bench with the little wooden table before them.

The ice rink is just ahead of them with screaming kids as people topple over onto each other, laughing and cheering as a girl spins a perfect spin, and a boy leaps into the air trying to impress a group of girls taking photos of each other in the corner.

A giant Christmas tree, as tall as the marquee is featured beside the rink with twinkling lights of red, green, white and gold. A star, glistening and glittering sits at the top of the tree looking proud as it looks down at everyone from its great height.

The girl sits there, her hat tight over her head and her gloved hands secured around her mug of hot chocolate with extra cream, looking at all of the happiness and joy that surrounds her.

She just sits there with the boy she has loved for over a year; a boy she is so thankful to have that she just enjoys the bliss and the time they are spending in pleasant silence.

It’s a silence where the couple don’t think it’s necessary to talk.

The sound of Christmas music, laughter and cheer is enough to make the air around them light and warm, even with the weather so bitter and cold.

And at that calm blow of the wind, lifting up the girl’s curls, it starts to snow.

Just light, dusts of snowflakes start to fall through the air onto coats and hats. A light dusting falls onto the girl’s hot chocolate and eyelashes.

She blinks them off, smiling as she turns to the love of her life besides her.

‘Merry Christmas,’ the boy says, as he kisses the tip of her red, frozen nose.

‘Merry Christmas,’ the girl whispers, as she closes her eyes and smiles.

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