November Haul 2016

With Christmas fast approaching and my savings going towards Christmas presents, I’m afraid this will be a short haul today.

Unfortunately for some, I will not be telling everyone what I bought people for Christmas, because those people will most likely read this and then spoil the surprise of Christmas.

Anyway… let’s get to it.


I had a party at the start of this month with my last work colleagues and wrote down the wrong date in my phone calendar, so, after bumping into one of my work friends while visiting Ollie at college and being reminded that the ‘party was tomorrow’, I had to be quick and buy some last minute makeup essentials!

For this, I went to Superdrug;

Image result for superdrug logo

Here, I gave myself a strict budget of only three items and it should all add up to under £15.

At first, I looked for some matte eye shadow shades and for this bought…

Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Essential Mattes 2

Price: £4

What the hell is this?!

This is a makeup palette with all matte shades, perfect for natural or smokey eye look.

Why did you buy this?!

When looking in my makeup collection I realised that I didn’t have many matte eye shadow shades, which is a problem for me. Whenever I watch makeup tutorials, the YouTuber’s transition shades in their eye looks are usually matte, whereas my eye looks are mattes with a hint of shimmer. Now I have a matte shade that can complete the look properly.


The second thing I bought was…

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer – Kooky.

Price: £3

What the hell is this?!

This is a liquid lipstick that I chose to wear on the night of the party.

It’s much more of a deeper shade than I originally thought and was quite sheer. I definitely had to layer up the lipstick when I wore it. It dried down into a matte formula, but was quite sticky and took quite a while to get used to wearing.


Why did you buy this?!

To wear at the party!


The last thing I bought was…

Sleek Lip VIP Superstar.

Price: £5.49

What the hell is this!?

This is a metallic, purple lipstick that fascinated me.

I haven’t had the opportunity to wear it yet, and anyway, it looks so pretty that I would feel bad to hurt it.

Why did you buy this?!

At Superdrug they were doing a 2 for 3 deal, so I thought I’d pick this up. I love metallic things; the colour of metallic interests me, so I had to pick up this lipstick.

One day I will find a day to wear this, but I’m still waiting for the right moment.


So that’s everything in the month of November that isn’t for Christmas.

I apologise that it’s short, but I’ve had to save for December.

See you next month!

Image result for christmas shopping

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