The Sky Will Help Me

“What you see in the clouds”


In times like this when I just want to stop and think about the events in my life, I go out to my back garden, lie down on the grass and look up.

It could be nighttime or it could be day time; sometimes its dawn and sometimes its dusk. It doesn’t matter to me. Cold or hot, I go outside, lie down and watch whatever is above me.

My parents at first thought I was crazy, but now they leave me to it, only coming out to give me a blanket or a hot chocolate if they think its necessary.

You see, when I look up into the clouds, the stars or the setting sun, I’m sure that I see the answer to my problems.

People always said to me, ‘Little Miss Daydream, the answers aren’t going to appear in the sky, put your head down and work.’ That was usually my teachers. They would at first, always put me as far away from the window as they could at school, but I would still find a way to find my answers in the sky.

It could be a big problem – a dilemma at school between a friend or myself being in trouble – or it could be a small problem – the answer to the maths question in front of me.

After a while, my teachers moved me to a window seat in class and found that with the help of the clouds, I was the smartest child in their class.

I got nicknamed Skye. Students and the teachers who knew me, always called me Skye whenever they saw me in the halls or referred to me in class. One teacher even accidentally signed one of my reports with my nickname Skye, instead of my actual name, Scarlet.

Now, with a blanket over my legs and my fluffy coat on in the middle of winter, I lay down on the grass and I look up. My cat is curled up beside me, enjoying the peaceful company. I think he misses me when I’m at school.

You see, my boyfriend and I have just broken up, and I’m trying to find an answer in the clouds for what to do next.

Sure, there are tears in my eyes and my lip keeps trembling, but I still don’t stop looking up, trying to find out the answer to this sadness. I will lie here all night if I have to, until I find the answer.

There’s someone at the backdoor to my house, watching me.

At first I think it’s my mum, but then the person comes and lies next to me and takes my hand, giving it a squeeze.

‘I’m here, it’s okay.’ she says, and now I know that it’s my best friend April.

Together, we look up at the sky as the clouds fade and darken as the sun sets.

We lie there together as I search for the answer.

The sky will help me.

It always does.


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