Are You Similar to These Disney Princesses? (Tag)

How many can you say yes/agree to for each Princess’ category?


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1. Have you kissed someone your friends didn’t like?

Unfortunately I have…

2. Have you ever been lost in the forest?

Once or twice when I was a kid and I was on a walk with my family, but not for hours! Probably for a minute or two.

3. Do you love to read?

Very much so! I love reading!

4. Are you confident?

In the subjects that I know and when I’m acting as another character, but not all of time… So no and yes.

5. Are one of your family members a bit weird?

I think most are, but usually in the best ways! Yes, we’re all a bt weird in our family, and we love it.

6. Have you done volunteer work?

I have a couple of times.

7. Do you have a wild imagination?

I’m a writer! Of course I do!

8. Do you love to take care of people in need?

Yes! I do my best to make sure that everyone and anyone around me is happy and feels safe.

9. Have you had guys like you only because they think you’re pretty?

I can’t really answer this. I don’t think so, but that’s my own opinion. You’re going to have to ask the guys that I’ve known…

10. Have you rejected at least one person when they’ve asked you out?

Unfortunately I have. I feel bad for doing so, but at the end of the day I can’t fake my feelings just to please other people. If I don’t want to date them, then I won’t date them.

Total: Okay, so that’s yes for 8/10 questions. I guess I’m more like Belle than not, but not entirely like Belle.


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1. Were you an taken child or have an evil mother?

No, I was not taken and I don’t have an evil mother. I have a lovely mother.

2. Do you have many different hobbies to keep you busy?

I do. I like reading, writing, playing video games, drawing, watching films and TV, watching YouTube, acting, dancing, singing, shopping… I could go on.

3. You can get really bored?

Yes, I can sometimes, but only when I’ve been so used to doing something for weeks on end, but when the time comes to do nothing for a couple of weeks I just don’t know what to do after a couple of days!

4. Do you have very long hair?

Oh I wish I did. I have thin and dead hair that won’t grow further than my collar bones. My dream of long hair down my back I fear will never be achieved.

5. Is/Was Your hair bright blonde?

Nope. It has been for a second or two before I dyed it pink back in 2014, but never for a long period of time… I’m not sure if I’d suit platinum blonde… I’d love to try.

6. Are you an artsy person?

I like to think that I am. I much more artsy than academic and most of my hobbies are artsy, so I guess I am.

7. Are you childish?

I think everyone can have their childish moments. I definitely do. So yes, I can be, but not all of the time. I know when to be an adult.

8. You can’t wait to stop the same routine each day and start living?

Honestly, I think this question can be thought of differently to other people, so this is how I think of it.

Would I like to drop everything I’m used to and have routined for my life and just start exploring?

Yes! If I had the money, I would travel the world and want to see every nook and cranny of as many countries as I can, but I could never do it on my own. Like Rapunzel, I’d always be too scared to venture out on my own, only to the places I’ve been before. Maybe in the future…

9. Do you care about others and their feelings?

Admittedly, more than my own. As I’ve said before, I always want to make sure that everyone in my life and around me is happy and feeling safe, so much that I’d make sure that their happiness and safety came before mine. It’s not always wise, but it’s my honest answer.

10. Do you like to follow the rules?

When I know that it’s a rule that will keep me safe and others safe. When they’re logical.

But I will speak up about a rule or a few if I think they are unneccessary or illogical or just plain rude to a different race/sexuality/gender/religion. I care about safety, but if I do not agree with something then I will say something. I don’t want to just follow the crowd because it’s what’s expected of me, if I think that there is something that should be changed, then I will say.

Total: I got 6/10… just over half but not like Rapunzel really. Damn! She’s my favourite Princess too.



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1. Do you have/had a pet rabbit?

No but I would love one! I would call them Peaches or Castiel.

2. Do you love to play cards?

If I knew how to, I probably would, but I don’t. I’ve never really understood how cards works! But I can play Snap…

3. Do you constantly know the time?

If my phone is on me at all times or there’s a clock near by, but other than that, no… I’ve never invested in a watch either which I’m sure is something I should do one day.

4. Do you get yourself in sticky situations?

Not really… I’ve stayed clear of them a lot, always having a fear of getting into trouble when I was younger. Now? Still no. *Touch Wood*

5. Have you been to court?

Thankfully no, and hope I will never need to unless it’s for work purposes.

6. Have you fallen asleep while doing your homework?

That I have done! So many times when I was younger I could sometimes get away with “I fell asleep, here is what’s I’ve done” as an excuse, and even then it didn’t go down very well.

7. Have you had a tea party?

Yes and they are so much fun! I’ve had them with my family, my mum, my friends… it was lovely. I just love tea and cake. Wow, I sounded posh for a second…

8. Do you like hats?

They’ve never really suited me. I have sticky-out ears and my head is always too small so wearing a hat just looks odd… so no. On other people, yes, but not on me.

9. You’re usually late?

I try to never be late! I always plan on getting to place fifteen minutes to half an hour early, and sometimes arrive an hour or two hours early!

10. Do you know how to play croquet?

I know the basics of it. I’ve played some of it for fun at garden parties and BBQs, so yes, I guess, but not so much that I can recite every rule.

Total: A measly 3/10… I am nothing like Alice, although I’m definitely a dreamer like her.



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1. Is your dad is rich?

We’re stable, but not rich!

2. Are you are very clever?

Not academically, but lots of people have called me ‘Bright’, but I’m not sure if they’re just being kind or not. I’ll say I’m clever, but not VERY clever.

3. Have you been with someone (partners) way different from you?

Yes, but it was when I was around 11 or 12… we had interests that were the same, but we weren’t very similar in the way we thought or did things.

4. You’d never marry someone just because they were rich?

I’d never marry for money! Of course, when married I would prefer a stable amount of money coming in as that would mean less stress and something that we wouldn’t have to REALLY worry about, but when I marry it will be for love, not for wealth.

5. Have you set a lot of goals for yourself?

Yes, and I do that a lot. I usually set my goals quite high so I can achieve the best I can in everything I can do, but sometimes when the goals are far from reach I do beat myself up a bit.

6. You don’t have a lot of (good) friends?

I think I do… there are a good number of people who I think I can register as good friends.

7. Are you independent?

I try my best to be at all times. Of course I need a little to a lot of help sometimes, but I’m still learning.

8. Are you wealthy?

We’re a stable family. We’re not rich and we’re not poor. We’re a healthy middle.

9. Do your parents try to control your life?

Now that I’m getting older they’re loosening the reigns, but I do still live under their roof. I have to follow rules that the house holds, but I think all kids do when they live at home. But as I’m an adult now, they let me be as independent as I feel comfortable with, helping out once in a while.

So no, they don’t CONTROL my life, but they have rules in place that I’m sure all parents do when a child lives under their roof, even if their kids are all over 18.

Total: 4/10… again, not very much life Jasmine, but got close to the half-way point.



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1. Is your boyfriend/crush strong?


2. Have you gotten involved with the wrong people before?

No, I don’t think so. Not that I know of anyway.

3. Are you very convincing?

I think I can be, sometimes… *wink wink* I’ll stop.

4. You have fallen in love before?

I have yes, and am in love right now!

5. You have had your heart broken?

Very much so! But if I hadn’t I would have never met my man.

6. Do you find an interest in Greek mythology?

I actually really do! I always loved Greek Mythology when I was learning it at school; I loved the Percy Jackson books. The whole tales and myths that are told are just fascinating to me.

7. Do you lie sometimes?

I think everyone has lied before. I, myself, do my best to not ever tell a lie, I am considered quite an honest person. So No, not as long as I can help it.

8. Do you pretend to be someone you’re not?

Only when I’m acting. If I’m not then I am always who I am.

9. Have you ever been used?

Yes. It hurts.

10. Is purple one of your favourite colors?

Yes, actually.

Total: 7/10. Just over half but not quite perfectly Meg.



Image result for Ariel tumblr

1. Do your parents expect a lot from you?

I think secretly, all parents do.

They expect the best that I can do, which I do my best to achieve. I expect a lot from myself, more than they do I think.

2. Do you really try to follow the rules, but it’s hard for you?

As I’ve said before, I do my best to follow the rules, but only if I agree with their message and what is asked of me. So I guess, yes, it is hard for me to follow every single rule, but I do my best with the ones I agree with.

3. Are you a bit of a trouble maker?

I don’t think so… I’m not perfect, but I’m not always getting into trouble.

4. Do you love to swim?

When I’m in the water, I do love it, but I can get tired quite quickly admittedly.

5. Is your favourite animal some sort of sea creature?

No, it’s a tiger. They do swim, but they’re not sea creatures.

6. Do you collect something?

Yes! I collect books, films, video games and memories… all so cheap, aren’t they?!

7. You have/had long hair?

I used to have quite long hair once. It wasn’t VERY long, but it was still long. Then I cut it… worst decision when coming to my hair.

8. Are you adventurous?

I can be. It depends on the adventure.

9. You’re extremely curious?

It’s a habit of mine. I’m always interested in everyone and everything. I know everything has a story and just love hearing about them.

10 Do you believe everything people tell you/are you a bit gullible?

No, I can be quite skeptical sometimes. I don’t believe everything straight away. I need proof or admittance mostly.

Total: 6/10. Just over half-way again, but not so much that I’m like Ariel.



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1.  Do you live/have lived with someone other than your parents?

While my parents have been on holiday, sure. But no, not permanently.

2. Did you almost died at a very young age?

It was a dark time…

3. Are you gentle, loving, and/or thoughtful?

I like to think that I am, yes.

4. Do you have a decent singing voice?

I’ve got high grades in singing exams before and people have told me that I can sing, so I think so??

5. Do you like to sleep in late on the weekend?

Yes! All the time please.

6. Do you spend most of your time outside?

No… I don’t. I did when I had my first job which was at a theme park, but now that the park is closed I spend a lot of time inside either at home or at my new job, when I don’t have to interact outside.

7. You’re adopted?

WAIT! Is Aurora adopted?! Plot twist! Have I never known this key information about Sleeping Beauty?!

I’m not, no.

But WHAT!?

(Update: I can’t find anything online about her being adopted…)

8. Are you very romantic?

I can be… when I want to be.

9. Is pink one of your favourite colours?

No, but it is one of my favourite hair colours.

Total: 5/10. I am half-way to becoming Aurora!



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1. One of your parents is dead?

No, I have both of my parents alive and I’m very thankful for that.

2. Are you expected to do a lot of chores?

My fair share, but not a lot like Cinderella has to do, thank goodness!

3. Do you love to dress up?

If I had the money to afford costumes and outfits then yes, I would.

4. Do you love animals?

Yes, I do! I love animals!

5. Are you waiting patiently for your Prince Charming?

No! I’m living my life. Plus, I have my Prince Charming, thank you! But even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t sit on my arse waiting for my prince to ‘save‘ me, I’d be up living life.

6. Is your mom really strict?

She’s fair, not strict.

7. Do you have sisters who seem kind of jealous of you?

Nah. Not at all. But I do have sisters.

8. You’re afraid to speak your mind sometimes?

Although I do like to and I do quite often, there are times when I’ve decided to keep my mouth shut or been too scared to speak up, but I try my best to speak up with needed.

9. Have you left your shoes at a friend’s house before?

I have. Many a time! And sometimes on purpose…

10. You have/had blonde hair.

I’m sure this question has already been asked in this tag… ANYWAY! No, I haven’t or have blonde hair, although it’s something that I would be interested in trying.

Total: 4/10… nope, not like Cinderella. I’m almost half-way there though!


Snow White

Image result for snow white tumblr

1. Sometimes it seems like your mom is jealous of you?

I don’t think so, at all! I’d laugh if she was.

2. Have you almost been killed?

By accident when I was younger and didn’t look when I ran into the middle of the road because I had dropped my toy. Thankfully the car stopped and my parents grabbed me in time. I was only four or five…

3. Do you have at least seven good friends?

Yes, I would say I do!

4. Have you ever had food poisoning?

Thankfully not! *Touch Wood*

5. Do you have/had short hair?

Yes, I had a bob when I was younger all the way to when I was eleven years old. Once I turned eleven I thought that I should grow it out, and it’s been passed shoulder-length ever since.

6.Do you get along with almost everyone?

I try my best to get along with everyone. I hate conflict. I have fights. I just can’t stand it when people don’t get along, so I do my best to get along with everyone.

7. Are all of your friends different?

My friends all have very different personalities, but I think that’s what makes our frendship unique. We’re not all the same; we don’t all look similar; we have different interests, and yet there are things that still bond us and I still count them as really good friends.

8. Do you love to have a good time?

I do! I try and make the best out of every situation… unless it’s a funeral or something very serious or sad, and then I stay quiet, but every other time, I always try and remain cheery, joining in with celebrations, keeping a smile on people’s faces. It can be difficult sometimes, but I do my best!

9. Do you like wearing red lipstick?

I think I do… I love wearing a blod red lip every so often.

10. Are you happier when you’re out of the house rather than in?

It depends what I’m doing and who I’m with. I love staying at home on my own or having friends over for a movie session or video game session, but I also love going out of the house with friends and family to have a meal or go to a theme park or shopping or to the cinema. I love a healthy mixture of both (when I can afford it).

Total: 8/10 for Snow White! I’m close to being like her!! But I don’t think I’d ever take and eat an apple from a random stranger…


Image result for tinkerbell peter pan

1. Do you get jealous easily?

It’s a weakness, but I can do. It depends on the situation, but it’s a bad part of my personality that I like to hide away. Jealousy is not healthy, so I do my best to ignore it, but I can.

2. Did you love your childhood?

No, I didn’t actually. It was ruined by bullies and mental health.

3. Do you like to fly?

I have always dreamt of flying! I wish I could. If I’m on a plane I just love looking out of the window and seeing the world so small. I would love to skydive in any possible way – as long as I’ve got a parachute!

Yes, I do love flying.

4. Do you believe in magic?

This one I don’t know. I’ve sort of thought that maybe a mystical, magical world does exist somewhere, or like Harry Potter, it’s hidden in our muggle world, but I’m not sure. I’m going to say that yes, maybe it does, somewhere in our universe.

5. You’re 5’2” or under?

I’m not. I am 5,5 actually.

6. Do you hate pirates?

I would never want to meet one, that’s for sure.

7. Do you love sparkles?

Yes! All the glitter please!!

8. Do people underestimate you?

I’ve come across people who definitely do, and I’m sure there are people out there who are sceptical of my goals, but that’s not stopping me from trying my damn best.

9. Do you get angry easily?

When my mental health was really bad I used to get angry VERY quickly, but now I’ve learnt to control it. I don’t get angry very easily, unless I see something that really ticks me off.

10. You have/had a tree house?

I wish! My friend had one and we used to play in it all the time, but I never had one of my own.

Total: 6/10. Again, just over half way, but not really like Tinkerbell. Damn! I wanted to be a fairy.



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1. Do you love to walk around and explore big cities?

Yes! I love the city. It always holds so many amazing things to explore and look at.

2. Are you more spiritual than religious?

I guess I am in a way. I’m not a very religious person, so I guess I am more spiritual.

3. You’ve been in an interracial relationship?

Come to think of it, no I haven’t. All of the people that I’ve dated have been white, British males. Wow, I’ve never realised that before!

4. Is one of your family members dead?

My Nanny and my Poppa.. Rest in Peace.

5. Are your parents very protective of you?

In a healthy way they are. They’re only doing it to look out for me and to stop me from getting into serious trouble, so I thank them mostly for their protectiveness.

6. Someone you know has been in the war?

My grandparents were alive during WW2 if that counts??

10. Do you love nature?

I do! But I don’t like bugs…

11. You have/had black hair?

Nope, I haven’t and do not have black hair. I don’t think I’d suit it anyway.

12. You would love to move somewhere exotic and beautiful?

Everywhere but England is exotic and beautiful for me as I have never explored it.

Moving to a hotter place, maybe somewhere in America would be exciting, but I’m not ready to pack up my things and go straight there now! But I can dream.

13. You’re very adventurous?

I’ve already answered this… it depends on the adventure.

Total: 8/10. So close, yet so far!



Image result for Mulan

1. Can you be a tomboy sometimes?

Definitely. I’m sort of in the middle of tomboy and girly when it comes to my sense of style and personality. I am a mix of the two I think.

2. Do people wish you could be a bit more girly?

People like me for me… I hope. I don’t think people wish I could be a bit more girly, or if they do they’ve never told me.

3. Have you pretended to be someone you’re not?

Only when I’m acting, but never permanently.

4. Have you had a physical fight with someone before?

Never. And I don’t plan on ever either.

5. Have you ever considered running away from home?

When I was younger I definitely did. My mental health was very bad…

6. Do your parents try to plan your life out?

They give me guidance, but let me plan out my own life.

7. Are a lot of your friends boys?

A fair few of them, yes.

8. Do you sometimes find yourself in bad situations?

I do my best to stay out of them…

9. You love your family so much that you’d do anything to protect them?

Definitely! I love my family. I don’t want anything bad happen to them.

10. Have you ever been to Asia?

No, but I wish! I would love to visit Asia one day. I will go to Japan, China, India… One day!

Total: 4/10. Almost half-way but not quite. I am not like Mulan.

So I am most like Belle, Snow White and Pocahontas, all with the score of 8/10.

So now meet Princess Liberty-Belle-SnowWhite-Pocahontas!

Wow that’s a mouthful…

Image result for belle tumblr Image result for snow white tumblr








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