Halloween 2000

Here’s an extract from my book on Amazon Kindle called Discover the Blind Side. The meeting of two very important characters in the series.


‘Welcome to the Halloween party of 2000,’ Professor Butter-Ash introduced, standing on the platform, ushering everyone to gather around to stare up at her, ‘as you all know there was no post this morning, that is because we have saved them all for this evening.’ The students crowded, elbowed and began to mutter thoughtfully as Butter-Ash started talking, ‘That will happen at the end of the party, in the meantime the dunk a teacher competition is about to start in only a couple of minutes, so, can everyone please make their way over- oh no.’ Professor Butter-Ash was about to point over to the dunk tank when she suddenly looked like a ghost from head to toe. She looked as if she was about to faint.

The crowd of students and teachers turned around animatedly.

No one could stop themselves from roaring with laughter.

Joanna, William and Riley all exchanged looks before they turned around and looked through the many heads to spot what they were all laughing about. Riley was the first to see, being the tallest of the three, and started laughing and pointing towards the front of the hall.

Joanna and William gazed through the heads where Riley was standing and could not help laughing when they noticed Mike and Oscar’s costumes.

Mike was dressed as a sausage and Oscar was dressed as the bun; they slotted into each other like a puzzle, and a delicious meal. ‘LET’S START THE PARTY!’ Mike and Oscar shouted, raising their wands into the air and striking all the floating cauldrons of sweets with a bang. They all exploded, showering the floor with glittery, sticky sweets, ‘TRICK OR TREAT!’ They yelled as Oscar pointed over to a music box. The hall burst into music on it’s highest volume making everyone roar and cheer. Students leaped for the sweets, filling their pockets and hands with sugary goodness. The teachers smiled widely. ‘And trick … complete,’ Mike shouted over the music and started doing a little shuffle with his feet. Oscar began to join in as they danced where they stood, kicking at the sweets around them.

There was a sea of cheering as everyone ran around to try and catch the falling sweets and scramble on the floor to retrieve the ones that had not been trodden on yet.

Joanna let out a loud cheer to blend in with the others and laughed with Riley and William as they grinned at her, happy. They were relieved to see her smiling, after the months of her being so low.

Through all the chaos a boy knocked Joanna’s shoulder just as she was ending her laughter. She turned round to him as he did the same to apologise, but instead they just stared at each other. It was a long time as the hall seemed to dim down in music and everything around them slowed. As boy smiled reality returned. Happily Joanna did the same. And then one of the boy’s friends pulled him away shouting, ‘C’mon Daniel you lover-boy.’ And jumped on his back laughing so Daniel had to run towards the mound of sweets in the distance.

Joanna stayed staring at the place where he had stood, trying to shake away the green eyes and messy black hair that was escaping from under his knight costume helmet, but it seemed to be impossible as the image of this boy stayed in front of her dreamily.

‘Joanna?’ William asked uncertainly.

The noise around her loudened as she blinked back into reality ‘Yes?’ Joanna said shaking her head with a giddy grin.

‘Are you alright?’ William asked unsure, looking over at the boy Daniel, then back at Joanna.

‘Yes, I’m fine.’ She nodded looking back up to the boy who was now crawling on the floor looking for sweets and stuffing his pockets, ‘Hey, what’s the name of the knight?’ the boy looked up again and smiled at Joanna, but Joanna thought it best to look away quickly with a smile this time.

William turned round and craned his neck to see the boy who had gone back to digging for sweets. ‘Oh, that’s Daniel Wood, smart boy, very popular,’ Riley raised his eyebrows at William as if to ask why he knew all of that ‘I met him in the library doing some Charms homework,’ he explained ‘why do you ask?’ he looked at her curiously.

Joanna shrugged, ‘No reason,’ she said highly with a smile.

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