The Man With His Nest Hat

“A short man walks into the grocery store wearing a strange hat. Describe him and what happens.”

It’s just a Saturday morning and I’m at the local supermarket.

I’ve just finished my weekly shop when he walks in.

This man.

I have to blink twice to be sure that I haven’t imagined him, and yet there stands, picking up a basket from beside the doors.

He’s short; most likely around five foot, and he’d be classed as a “regular” looking man in his suit and tie and shiny black shoes, if it weren’t for his hat.

The hat!

It looks like a nest.

It must be made out of twigs, leaves and foliage, piled up to look like a coned nest. Flowers are poking out between the wood, all bright and vibrant of colour.

I’m about to just turn around and carry on back to my car, trying to not laugh before I’m out of ear-shot, when I hear a twittering.


There are bird inside of his hat!

One even pops out to say hello as if to check out his surroundings before hopping back into his little Hat Home.

I wonder how the man’s suit is so clean and tidy with birds living on top of his head.

Standing there I just watch him a couple of steps away from the doors.

‘Good morning,’ the small man nods at me, the Nest Hat barely moving on his head, before he wanders off to do his shopping.

This man with the birds living on top of his head.

Well, I never thought I’d see that today.

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