New Earth

“Create a place exactly like Earth but with one big difference.”

Greens, browns and minimal amounts of blue are the first three colours you see when you look at this planet from far away.

Orbiting around, closer to the surface you see multiple cracked lands, divided by water but joined at different intersections. No country sits on its own on this planet. Everything is linked.

It smaller than its neighbouring planets Tarvos and Bespan, yet closer to the sun in their solar system. Days on this planet never get as cold as fifteen degrees Celsius in the peaks, yet never get as hot as fifty-five degrees Celsius in the countries that surround the inner circle of the sphere.

Species of all kinds, aliens from distant planets and galaxies, humans and creatures alike live in harmony on this planet.

Here, there is no war.

Here, there is no conflict.

Here, there is no poverty.

Here, there is only acceptance and individuality.

The streets are filled with colour; neon; metallic; pastel. Technology can be seen in all corners of each city, yet there are atmospheric views of trees and greenery that you will see nowhere else on any other planet in Space.

On this planet, people are taught to accept who they are and to accept those around them.

People seek refuge on this planet.

They build a future on this planet.

They become a community on this planet.

The Planet of Light. The Planet of Joy. The Planet Where Everyone Belongs.

This is New Earth.



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