Just so you are aware…


At the moment, work is very busy and I am having trouble posting on my blog as much as I used to.

Admittedly, the short stories and Tag Tuesdays are not a problem for me as I can schedule those for when I know I’m going to be busy.


On the Wednesday (today) when I usually post reviews, I usually review what book I have read or film I have watched that week, but with work being very busy over the last couple of weeks and week to come, I am having trouble with just watching a film or finishing a book, as I am always working or sleeping.

It is the same with the Weekly LookBooks. I have not been able to post weekly lookbooks every Saturday because I have been at work, and I usually count on the photos that I have taken that week to help me with the post, otherwise the post would just be filled with words which isn’t really a “LookBook” now is it?

So! For the rest of this week, the next week and maybe the week after, there will be a break on the reviews and LookBooks.

Don’t worry though! They will come back.

I work at a Theme Park and as we are coming up to Winter, the park is closing meaning I am not working until Spring. SO! I have time to post and post on my months off (Unless I get a Christmas job that is).

The weekly schedule will be:

Monday – Short Story.

Tuesday – Question Tag.

Wednesday – Short Story.

Thursday – Advice Corner/Day off.

Friday – Short Story.

Saturday – Question Tag.

Sunday – Nothing/End-Of-Month Haul

This will be for the rest of this week, next week and maybe the week after Halloween, depending on how busy I am.

Just letting you know!


Liberty_Joy x



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