I Heart Autumn (Tag)

1. Favourite Fall scent.

Cinnamon and Vanilla… together, of course.

2. Best way to spend a rainy day.

Sitting on the sofa or in bed with blankets around you, a hot chocolate or cup of tea in your hands, watching YouTube or Netflix – or reading a good book.

3. Favourite Fall Drink.

Hot chocolate with maple syrup, whipped cream and marshmallows.

4. Football, yay or nay?

Not really my thing…

5. Favourite article of clothing this Fall.

My large, khaki coat.

6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?

Nothing haunted please… no thank you… nope.

7. The scariest movie you’ve ever seen…

The Hostel… Nope. Nope, I hated it!

8. Favourite candy to eat on Halloween?

Candy Corn… what else?!

9. What will you be this year?

No idea… I wanted to go as Harley Quinn but EVERYONE is going as Harley Quinn because everyone has NOW realised how amazing she is, so… I don’t know. Probably Stitch or Minnie Mouse seeing as my friend is hosting a Disney themed Halloween party.

10. Favourite Fall/Autumn recipe.

Apple pie with cinnamon.

11. What is your Favourite thing about Fall/Autumn?

The rainy days, but the still warm weather. Getting away with layering clothes and not over-heating. New products in shops.

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