My First Day of School

“What colour was the sky on the first day of school? What were you wearing? Did you meet any friends? Did you learn anything new?”

If I can remember correctly the sky was purple all those year ago when I first started school, the planets Tarvos and Bespan towering over us like they usually did. Tarvos’ rings were so bright and pink that it was like we had a closer, second son.

It was warm, like it usually was in Clearcourt, where I grew up when I was a kid. I’m sure it’s always beach weather there still… I wouldn’t be surprised. I was always wearing shorts or dresses, otherwise you’d be covered in sweat by noon.

My school was Upper Lake Academy and I remember I had to wear my sister’s old school uniform that hung off of me. When she was four she was much taller and broader, whereas I was a scrawny little thing. I think I still have a picture upstairs from my first day that my mum took.

Let me think… The blazer was grey; I’m sure of that because it still hangs in my wardrobe as a memory. The skirt was yellow and white striped and we had to wear a polo shirt tucked into it that had the school’s shield on the right breast of the shirt. We could chose between grey, white or black shoes, and I think I wore my white tennis shoes with neon pink socks. It wouldn’t faze me as I was always wearing bright socks with everything at that age.

I got on the school bus, sat at the back and read a book.

When I got there, I think I thought that Upper Lake Academy was the biggest building I had ever seen; until I went to the City weeks later with my new found friend.

With some help from the seventh-years – the ten/eleven year olds – I was able to find my classroom.

I can’t remember what my teacher was called, but I know that I thought she was the nicest person I had ever met; beside my mum and dad of course.

She sat me next to a girl called Sebby who had bright orange hair at the time and the greenest of green eyes. She still has both of those things now, honestly.

Sebby was loud, asked a lot of questions, cracked a lot of jokes, and had the best spelling of the class and everyone wanted to be her best friend. But she only picked one best friend; me.

It only took five minutes of her meeting me to declare that we would be best friends forever. Years later, we’re going off to university together and will be staying in the same flat. We’ve never given up on each other since that day.

But that’s not the only thing that I remember from my first day of school.

That day was the day I learnt something incredible.

That was the day when I learnt that we’re not the only living beings in the universe, here on New Earth. There are other living species on other living Planets, somewhere out in space, light-years away.

That’s what I’m studying now, because I want to find them. I want to learn their language. I want to communicate with the universe.

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