Get To Know Me A Little More – TAG

Vital Stats:

Name – Rebecca (Becky) Willson

Nicknames – Becky, Beckah, Becks, Harley, Lil Harley

Birthday – 24th March 1998.

Place of Birth – In a hospital…

Star Sign – I still believe that it is Aries.

Occupation – Rides Attendant at a Theme Park.


Hair colour – Strawberry Blonde, but I might as well admit that I’m a ginge.

Hair length – Medium long, but I want it longer.

Eye colour – Blue!

Best feature – I think my eyes.

Braces – Not anymore! YAS!

Piercings – One in each ear lobe.

Tattoos – None, but I would like some in the future.

Righty or Lefty – Righty!


Best friend – Her name is Lizzie.

Award – Probably from dance or nursery.

Sport – Dance, if that counts as a sport…

Real Holiday – To Turkey I think… Or Greece.

Concert – Spring Harvest.


Film – The Breakfast Club


Colour – Red, Purple, Green, Black and White

Song – It varies so I can never really say…

Restaurant – Wagamamas!!

Store – Waterstones, HMV or anywhere that sells makeup.

Book – Now that’s just being cruel!! I would have to say… All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven.

Magazine – Any fat fashion magazine that gives you a sample freebie.

Shoes – Converse.


Feeling – Okay, I guess… a little numb.

Single or Taken – Taken by my Ollie!

Eating – Nothing

Listening to – Nothing either…

Thinking about – Writing this blog post.

Watching – The baby monitor as I’m babysitting.

Wearing – Jeans, hoodie and a t-shirt … oh and everything else needed of course!


Want Children – Yes please

Want to be married – I would like to, yes.

Careers in mind – An author, Actor and a West End Performer

Where do you want to live – London, but I would love to also have a little apartment in both New York and Florida, but I know that I will never have the money to do that.

Do you believe in:

God – Yes, but it’s complicated.

Miracles – I guess, but again, it’s complicated.

Love at first sight – I believe you can crush on someone when you first see them, but no, not love. Love takes time to build.

Ghosts – Yes, but I don’t think they’re usually bad.

Aliens – I’m sure we’re not the only living people in the entirety of Space.

Soul Mates – Yes.

Heaven – Yes.

Hell – Yes.

Kissing on the first date – Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Yourself – Wow! Suddenly very personal… No, I don’t.


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