Roller Coaster Break Down

“Two people get stuck on a roller coaster ride together. What do they talk about?”

As the car climbs up the slope in order to get to the top, it gives a tight jolt and suddenly stops.

It’s completely come to a halt.

The car doesn’t move.

‘I apologise but we have reached some technical difficulties,’ an attendant calls to us from the speaker down on the ground, ‘please bare with us as we sort out the ride.’

Brilliant, just what I needed.

It’s bad enough my friends ditched me for a front row seat, leaving me near the back with some stranger that I haven’t even looked at. I would shout to my friends but I can hear them laughing all the way in front and it just makes me huff.

Great. The seat is uncomfortable and giving me a massive wedgy, the restraints feel suddenly too lose and yet are crushing my hips. The slant is making me fall back into my seat so all I can do is look forward or sideways between my seat at the guy sitting next to me.

The guy.


He looks cute with a comic book character t-shirt on and a grey beanie poking out of his jeans pocket. He has a slight beard that’s neatly cut. He looks kind of hipster in my opinion, but it’s adorable. I like the look of his face.

As if he knew I was looking at him, he turns and looks at me under his restraints just like me.

Quickly, I look away, holding my own restraints tightly in my hands.

The guy gives a little chuckle and I feel my cheeks going pink.

Just speak.

Speak. You’re going to be stuck here for a while, you might as well make conversation.

‘You here alone?’ I ask, my voice small and I’m scared that my voice gets caught in the wind for a second as he doesn’t respond.

Thankfully, he gives another chuckle and turns to look at me again.

I look back at him, giving a nervous gulp.

‘No,’ he says, his voice gruff and low; husky, ‘my friends are down on the ground, wasting their money in the arcade. I decided to come onto the ride as I thought it wouldn’t take long… I guess I was mistaken.’

I nod, giving a smile.

‘What about you?’ he asks me.

Oh. I need to speak now.

I grab onto the restraints a little tighter and turn to him. ‘My friends are in the front row,’ I explain, ‘they left me.’ I laugh so it doesn’t seem as if I’m annoyed at them, although I am a little pissed. Well, I was, now I’m sort of thanking them.

‘That sucks,’ the guy frowned, ‘Well I apologise, you’re stuck with me until the ride is fixed.’

‘That’s not exactly a bad thing,’ I say, then pause.

Did I really just say that?

Why did I just say that?

Real smart.

The guy laughs again.

But then there’s silence.

So much silence but the wind, winding around us.

Okay, make conversation. You can’t just sit in silence for ages.

‘So you like Deadpool?’ I ask.

The guy turns to me, confused.

‘Your shirt,’ I tell him, trying to hide my pink cheeks with my hair, ‘it’s of Deadpool.’

As if he had forgotten, the guy looks down at his shirt and then grins. ‘Yeah, I do. He’s one of my favourite Marvel characters.’

‘I like him too,’ I tell him, trying to prove that we have something in common, ‘I’ve played his game on the Xbox. I’ve also read some of the comics. He’s funny with Spiderman.’

The guy nods. ‘Peter Parker and Wade Wilson’s relationship is an interesting one.’

I smile.

Maybe the roller coaster breaking down isn’t the worst thing after all.

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