Evil Villains

“Write five names that would be perfect for an evil villain.”

Keeping their mouths shut and their eyes stubbornly ahead, Michael opened the office door letting Kiera slip inside, following shortly after.

The office was small.

It felt as if they were in a metal container with nothing but a desk, chair, computer and multiple screens that all plastered the opposite wall, beeping and booping with the same Eagle logo spinning around them.

Looking around at the cameras in each corner of the room, Michael made sure that Kiera’s hacking had worked, pleased when he saw that each camera was offline.

They were going to have to be quick as the guards would have surely noticed.

Moving fast, Kiera moved to the computer at the desk and started to tap away at the keyboard, typing in passwords, writing in code, switching around settings, accessing files.

Michael watched from the door, his ear planted on the metal, listening intently for any signs that they might be caught.

There was no point in rushing Kiera, she knew what she was doing, Michael knew that. He had seen her at work multiple times; she had helped him with his coding on many occasions, and had saved his arse when she hacked into the school computer to change his final grades of the year. He owed her enough to stay quiet.

‘Password Accepted

A green light shone on Michael’s face as the Eagle logos disappeared from the screens before him, and changed to show five people’s profiles.

‘No way,’ Michael breathed. ‘You did it.’

‘Always so surprised,’ Kiera muttered, shaking her head, but keeping her eyes on the screen.

The first profile to be seen had the name, ‘The Preying Mantis‘ written in bold, black letters, with a cartoon drawing of a preying mantis, holding a gun in each hand and smirking.

The next had the name, ‘The Crimson Bolt‘ written across a mug shot of a shaggy haired, crazy-eyed man, that must have been taken at an asylum almost ten years ago.

The third was ‘Phantom of Anastasia‘. A lady’s silhouette in a dark, red room was placed alongside the name.

‘Bit creepy,’ Michael mumbled. Kiera stayed quiet.

The fourth was ‘Hex‘, another man with a mug shot, however this one was from prison. He was smiling in his photo as if he was posing for a Dental advertisement. He almost looking pleased with his charges.

The fifth was the name, ‘Noughts and Crosses‘ and this one had two mug shots. They were of identical twins, one girl and one boy.

‘All of these people are the world’s deadliest villains,’ Kiera spoke, although Michael was not sure if it was to him or herself, ‘They’re out there, now a team, and I want to know why.’


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