Week #12


Today was a family day as my parents and I went to go and see my older sister and her husband, down by the beach.

We brought my dog, who is the little puppy in the last photo.

I did my usual with my makeup, but was in a bit of a rush as I woke up late so I didn’t have any bronzer, blush or highlighter on today. *sad face*

Today was really fun! We went into town where there was a River Fete going on. I was able to get some candyfloss which I have not had in AGES!

We also went down to the beach. My dog Lucy had SO MUCH FUN running in and out of the sea!

(By the way, that’s my dad in the photos)

I looked around some shops. But most of all I got to see my sister and brother-in-law, caught up with them as I don’t usually get to see them much as they live quite far away. It was a really good day! Plus, I got to feed their chickens!! Yes, they have chickens.



Ollie and I went for a picnic today!!

We went to the local Sainsbury’s, picked up a whole bunch of food and then drove to a park where we just sunbathed, had fun and ate food. We did end up attracting wasps however so we ended up retreating back to the car and finishing off our picnic in the car, but it was still fun to get out and explore, instead of staying at home like we usually do. Plus it was boiling! So that’s always fun.

As it was so hot I put on my BB Cream instead of foundation so I did not bake under the thick layer of makeup. I didn’t contour either, but I wasn’t too fussed with my makeup today. I was just happy spending the day with my boyfriend.



After the two very exciting days at the start of the week, I had a bed day today.

I slept, edited my book and read.

It wasn’t a very interesting day and as you can see, I didn’t wear any makeup…



Today, I tidied my room, I cleared out all of the stuff I don’t wear or use anymore into bags for charity, and I did some editing.

It was a productive day, which I’m happy about. I got a lot of stuff done which I’ve been needing to do. Day well spent!



Car photo!!

Today, my mum and I went shopping as I am starting my new job next week! We shopped for essentials, joining the back-to-school-shoppers and moved through the crowds as we took advantage of the sales going on.

I got to wear my full face of makeup today!

As it’s September now, the weather has definitely shifted. I had to wear a jacket and jumper today! What is this life?!?


Quote of the Week:
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