Shark Attack

“He dodged the fish and swam away fast…”

He knew there was nowhere to get back to shore without a jet or something to help him speed up, so all he could do was swim; swim with all of this strength, the adrenaline rushing through his veins as salt water splashed into his eyes and up his nose in gallons, making him already feel as if he was drowning.

His arms and legs were flapping like mad, trying to get back to the beach – to the sand, the cocktails and the hotel.

Snapping, the shark took a lunge forward but only missed Henry’s toe by a centimetre.

‘Help!’ Henry screamed, but it was no use.

It had already surfaced that there was a shark attack going on and people were fleeing the beach, running away, yelling and screaming to loved ones to get back to the hotel; to get out of the water; to hurry up god dammit!

Terrified, Henry pushed forward wanting only to be at shore.

He was regretting ever going this far out at sea, cursing the rumours that the coral was incredible and sea life was beautiful for underwater photography.

Now his camera was somewhere in the sand, far, far away from him underwater. He had dropped it in horror when he saw the shark approaching and knew that if he stopped to find it, he would have already been dead.

Please can everyone get out of the sea,‘ the voice of a lifeguard on a megaphone rang out over the beach, ‘there is a shark in the water. Can all people, get out of the sea!’

‘I’m trying,’ Henry grunted.

There were people pointing to him on shore, calling out help for him, for someone to save him, quick! But as Henry felt a bump on his toe, he knew that there was nothing anyone could do.

Here was where it ended for him.

He could feel it.

People on the shore were worrying for his family, asking if anyone was around who knows him or with him.

No one, Henry thought.

He took one last lunge forward before the shark caught up with him.

There were terrific screams coming from everywhere along the beach as they watched Henry being dragged underwater.

Watered blood rose up and bubbled around where he had disappeared.

He was gone.


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