I Love Sleep – Tag

1. What is your routine before going to sleep?

I clean my teeth, I wash my face, I put moisturiser on my face, I tie up my hair and then I either watch YouTube videos or read… or both. Then sleep.

2. What do you do when you can’t sleep?

Having Insomnia means its hard to sleep sometimes. So what I do is watch YouTube videos, watch films, write, read, go downstairs and make myself a hot chocolate or warm milk, go for a walk around the house. Anything really, that I would usually do in the day.

3. What is your favourite sleeping position?

Lying on my front or my left side.

4. What can I wake you up for?

‘Your friends/boyfriend is here’

‘I’ve made you a cup of tea’

‘You have doctors’

‘The sky is falling’

5. When/what time does your alarm clock go off?

When I was in school/college, I set it for 6am every morning and then another at 6:30am.

6. Snooze or getting up instantly?

Snooze! Of course.

7. Do you sleep-in over the weekends?

I sleep in whenever I don’t have to get up to do anything, let alone the weekends.

8. What kind of weird stuff do you do while you are asleep?

Move around a lot, so much that I’ve fallen out of bed a couple of times or hit a wall.

I’ve sleep-walked a couple of times but rarely.

9. How many pillows do you have?

Three that I sleep on. Two regular ones and then one V-Shaped pillow on top.

10.What do you wear for bed?


11.Do you sleep with or without socks?

Depends on the temperature of the night…

12 What size/how big is your bed?

It’s a single bed.

13.The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is….?

Go back to sleep if I have nothing to do, or get up and have a shower.

14. Do you dream every night?

Most nights.

15. What dream or nightmare can you remember?

I’ve talked about this in one of my Short Stories called A Personal Dream. I’ll link it here.

16. What is your biggest dream?

To be a successful model/actress like Cara Delevingne; who I love. And be a successful author.

17. What time do you go to bed?

Whenever I’m tired.

If I have to get up for something the next day however, I go to bed around 9-10ish.


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