What Does the Dog Do?

“What does your dog do when you’re away? Does it go on an adventure or guard the house? If it sleeps, what does it dream about?”

Upon leaving the house, the dog watches from the hallway as the front door closes and its loyal owner walks away.

At first the dog feels sudden sadness having been left, unknowing of the owner’s return.

It walks over to the front door and pats it twice with his paw.

He even gives a slight whimper but doesn’t bark as he already knows it’s no use. His owner has left many times before, and barking has never brought them back so easily.

Instead, after a minute of obedient sitting, the dog walks away and takes a chance that he knows he wouldn’t be able to do with the owners around.

He jumps on the sofa.

This small act of rebellion gives him a proud feeling inside, and here he curls up in a ball, tucking his head into one of the pillows and drifts off to sleep.

Once he hears the front door close shut as the owner returns, he leaps from the sofa and runs to his bed where he lies as the owner walks into the living room.

The dog gets a treat for being such an obedient dog while the owner has been out.

Yet again, the dog has fooled the humans.

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