Week #11


Today I spent the whole day in bed.

I had nothing planned with my day so I spent the day watching YouTube and playing Sims 4.

Nothing very interesting to tell you so I’ll just move on to Tuesday…


Today started off as a down day. I wasn’t feeling my best emotionally and spent a whole lot of my day sleeping, watching Netflix and playing video games.

But then I got a phone call!!

As most of you know, I went to a job interview last Thursday… well. That company had called me back asking me to come to a Training Day tomorrow!

I am so excited for tomorrow and can’t wait! I’ve never got that far in a job interview before, except for the trial shift as a waitress… Yay! I can’t wait.


All made up and ready for my Training Day.

The whole day was spent in a room listening to a Prep, learning the ropes of the job and all the health and safety talk.

I got to meet some new people which is always fun and learned a lot about the company that I never knew before.

Overall it was a great day.


Image result for boyfriend drawing tumblr

I went to see my boyfriend today!!

Since he went home after spending two week with me, I’ve missed him a lot.

I was so excited to see him.

We spent the first half of the day going around town, meeting up with our friend for a Starbucks and food, and then back to his for films and more films, and then I slept over.

It was a day that I had been needing!

Sorry for the no photos. I was in a hurry that morning as I woke up late, and then had such a busy day that by the time I got back to Ollie’s my makeup had melted off of my face. Did I mention that England is going through a heatwave? Yeah!


Image result for sad girl drawing tumblr

Today was an… interesting day.

I wasn’t feeling my best today emotionally and spent a lot of the time in my boyfriend’s bed, huddled up in the duvet as if I was in a cocoon, hence the no photo and except this beautiful drawing that I found on Google that I can’t find the artist of.

Sorry that this week hasn’t been very interesting.

Let’s see what next week offers!


Quote of the Week:

Image result for stay strong quotes

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