Back for a Visit from New Earth

“A light in your backyard gets brighter and brighter, until … Flash! Flash! Flash! What causes these flashes? Where are you, and how do they affect you?”

I peered out of the window at where the light was glowing from the back of the garden.

There was no certainty of where the light was coming from so I stayed staring, trying to identify it.

Feeling an unease, I ran my hand through my hair, brushing at my curls, away from my face. I seemed to do that when I was nervous. But why was a nervous? This was just a strange blueish light at the back of my garden. There was no danger there, right?

There were suddenly three loud bangs, joined with three blinding flashes of the light.

My kitchen window shattered, shards of glass flying towards me.

Like a reflex, I covered my face with my arms and ran away from the window, missing the glass by inches.

I was safe. Just.

Cautiously, I moved closer to the now non-existent window and looked through.

The light was still there but it was getting closer.

‘So sorry Jayme,’ a familiar voice called over to me from my garden, ‘I still haven’t got the hang of this thing!’

‘Jonathan?’ I gasped.

My room mate? He had gone missing a month ago after he had gone down to the river to do some painting for his collection. I had been so worried. Me and my other two room mates had called the police, searched the river and his room for any clues on where he had gone. It was unlike Jonathan to suddenly wonder off. He didn’t party much as he’s not one for human contact; he’d rather stay at home with his art.

Grinning, Jonathan came into the light of the kitchen, holding an obscene contraption in his hand. It looked like a water pistol, but had a torch attached to the top. It was ridiculously bright and was starting to blind me from this close up.

I squinted away from my friend to give him the hint.

‘Oh shit yeah!’ Jonathan laughed, taking the water pistol torch in his hand, pressing a button on the side and switching off the light. ‘Sorry, I’m still getting used to this. Clia and Oslo gave it to me only a couple of days ago.’

I blinked at him. ‘Who?’

Laughing again, Jonathan jumped through the window, adjusting his glasses and metallic bomber jacket. He looked so different, as if he has been somewhere foreign all of this time. Maybe he had. I was yet to ask him.

‘Oh, you’ll love them!’ Jonathan grinned, taking my arm and giving it a squeeze. ‘That’s what I came here to ask you. I need a team and was wondering if you and the others wanted to come back to New Earth with me?’

He was not making any sense. I was sure he had gone mad! ‘New Earth?’ I shook my head. ‘What the hell are you on about?’

So he told me everything from the time he went to the river and got abducted by this elderly couple. He had been transported to this place called New Earth which was apparently incredible, and just like the places he had read in his sci-fi novels and comics. I tried not to laugh when he was telling me all of this. He looked so excited and passionate about his new job as an Earth Vendor. It had taken him some convincing , but now he said that it was the best job in the universe.

He was able to travel all over the universe to different planets, selling and trading artefacts. Already he had gained so many ‘Starbucks’ that he owned a ship of his own that he lived in, just in the deserts outside of one of the major cities on New Earth.

‘Come back with me Jayme!’ he finished with. ‘You’ll love it, I know you will! Remember watching and reading Guardians of the Galaxy and you told me that you would love to go and visit a place like that, and you wished that somewhere like those planets existed? Well they do! They do and it’s incredible!’

‘Jonathan,’ I started, ‘I have no idea what you just said about a New Earth, but that can’t be real.’

‘It is!’ he insisted. ‘Please believe me!’

I wanted to. I really did, but it was all so strange and sudden.

He had been missing for a month and suddenly returned talking about selling and trading artefacts from all over the universe and over different galaxies. It was madness.

‘My ship is parked at the back of the garden,’ he said quickly, ‘let me show you!’

I took a second to think before giving in. ‘Fine,’ I sighed and walked outside with him.

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