Ride or Die Makeup Tag

This tag was created by Jaclyn Hill on YouTube, a beautiful beauty blogger. You can check out her channel here.

Okay, so the point of the Ride or Die makeup tag is to picture yourself, stranded on an island. You can only have one makeup item per makeup category with you. What product would you pick as you ‘Ride or Die’ makeup item?

Okay, let’s do this!

Face Primer:

I didn’t have to think about this one as much, as I haven’t really tried that many out. So, I would have to say that my chosen Face Primer is Collection’s POWERED BY WITCH MATTIFYING PORE MINIMISER.

I love this primer! It’s so soft on my skin and really helps clear spots or dirt from my skin, as well as help my makeup stay on my face throughout the day.

It’s a gel formula and blends easily over the skin. I don’t have to apply too much to already feel that it’s making an affect.

It’s very refreshing as well which is always a bonus.

This product is SUPER affordable at only £4.99! Gotta love those bargains!



This one is a hard one!

Personally, I’ve never really found THE foundation for me because whichever foundation I try, I can never get the product to match my skin tone, even if it’s the lightest shade! So for this, I’m going to judge on the formula, not the colour, and that would be my MAC STUDIO FIX FLUID SPF 15.

I have this foundation in the shade NW20 which – now that Summer is descending – is too dark for me. But the formula is really good.

The foundation stays on my face throughout the day and does not melt off or rub off easily. It is a full coverage foundation so it does not take a lot for the foundation to spread over my face and hide any blemishes or pores. It’s a great foundation, although not my shade.

I would get my correct shade, if I had the money to do so, but with this product being £22 a piece, I really can’t let it go to waste, so I’m using it gently with a good amount of light concealer.



Now this! This one was easy for me.

I’ve tried out a few concealers and even though there are so many that I’ve loved, this one is my favourite!



The only problem I have with this concealer is that it runs out SO QUICKLY as it comes in such small packaging! But with a price of £4.19, it’s really not a big deal.

This concealer has such great coverage and doesn’t rub off during the day unless you really scrub at it.

It’s so easy to apply with its applicator!

I just love this product.



Now, I’ve tried a few face powders in my day, let me tell you! But this one, is really my go-to powder when in need for a casual look, or when I’m not baking my face…



Damn, there is a lot of Collection in this tag, I promise you it’s not intentional! They just have really good makeup products for the face…

Whenever I am in need of a makeup powder and don’t feel like trying something new, I always reach for this and know it will never fail me.

It is a matte powder, which always works for me as I have quite oily skin, but I appreciate that it may not work for others.

I have literally relied on this powder for YEARS!

I think I first discovered it when I was in year 10 at High School… so around 14-15 years old. I use it so much when I don’t want to do anything too fancy with my face makeup. It is amazing and my precious, nostalgic powder, and for only £4.19. It’s brilliant.


Under-Eye Setting Powder:

Okay, so I only have one of these, and I have only ever tried one that I distinctively use for my under-eye.


Wow… this is starting to sound as if I’m sponsored by Collection or something…. I’m not! I’m sure they don’t even know who I am!

Okay, what I do with this loose powder is place it under my eyes with a damp beauty blender, just after I’ve done my concealer. I then leave the loose powder there while I do my eye makeup so that the powder catches any fallout. After my eye makeup is finished, I wipe the powder away, setting my concealer and making sure that my cheeks don’t get covered in eye shadow.

Only in the last six months have I found this new way of applying makeup, so I have not tried any other loose powder or under-eye setting powder products.

A bit biased, I know, but this powder has lasted for months now! You get so much for the price that it is – £2.99 – and the product is incredible.



G, I am so new to bronzing on a day to day basis that I don’t have much experience in this field either… but I think I have my answer!

Bourjois Paris DÉLICE DE POUDRE.

I’m not lying when I say I’ve had this bronzing powder since I was around sixteen, and I still haven’t hit the pan! It is so good!! Plus, I kid you not, it smells of chocolate! OMG YUM!!

Again, I’m new to bronzing every time I do my makeup so I haven’t really tried that many bronzers, but out of all of the ones I have, this has got to be my favourite.

It’s so easy to blend and is a nice, warm shade that it doesn’t make your face look muddy or orange (if you apply it correctly, that is).

The bronzer has a little bit of shine to it, but not so much that it can pass as a highlighter. It just gives my face such a warmth that it is comfortable for me. That’s why it’s my ride or die. Oh, and it is £7.99.



Blushes were a tough one to choose from.

I love subtly giving my cheeks that rosy look, and have a few blushes to choose from my collection of makeup…but after a while, I have chosen my final product.

Benefit Dandelion Brightening Face Powder. 

dandelion finishing powder

Yes, I know this is meant to be a face powder BUT I use it as a blush because, well, its very pink isn’t it? And as a blush, it is so beautiful!

I got this in a kit from my sister for my birthday, so I had to search for what it looked like on its own and the original selling price which is £23.50.

Yes, I know this is more on the pricier side of things but I do really love this andwill buy the full product once my little sample of it has run out.




How in the holy moly am I meant to pick ONE highlighter?! They are my babies! All of them! Oh my G!


Over much negotiation in my noggin I picked a highlighter… Freedom Pro Highlight Palette.

Freedom Pro Highlight Palette

If you keep up with my weekly LookBooks then you guys will know my recent discovery of this highlighter palette and Oh I love it!

The shine I get with the powdered highlights in the middle are BEAUTIFUL!

I’ll never get bored of supporting this highlighter and all of its glory! I love it so much!! I love having a glittery finish to my makeup and this highlighter does me proud!

It’s so affordable as well for the pigment and the shine you get with it! It’s £6!! So good.



Okay, as some of you may know, I don’t wear eyelashes.

I haven’t jumped onto the hype.They’re just too complicated for me to get right.

One day I will know how to re-use them and get some that I love, but not just yet. I have no experience with eyelashes therefore I can’t really pick any…



Okay, there is no question about this one! I love this mascara so much and I have a LOT to chose from out of my makeup collection.

It is Benefit They’re Real! Mascara.

they're real lengthening mascara

This, like the Benefit blush, is one of my more pricier choices for this tag but the money is so worth it! The mascara is just so gorgeous to wear; it really lengthens your lashes and separates them out so they don’t go clumpy.

Yes, the mascara is £19.50, but I say go for it anyway.

I was lucky enough to get the sample size in my birthday present from my sister, so I have not splashed out the cash and bought myself the full size yet… YET. I will do in the future once the product runs out because I love it and I almost always grab for it.



Okay, so seeing as I don’t own any singular eyeshadows, only palettes, I’m going to have to just pick my ride or die makeup palette.

Okay… there it is… Makeup Revolution Eye shadow Palette FLAWLESS. 

Makeup Revolution Eye Shadow Palette Flawless 16G

There’s such a wide range of colours/mattes/shimmers in this palette that I just use it so much!

Out of all of my eye shadow palettes, this is usually my go-to as I know that the shadows will do me well with whatever look I’m going for.

For only £8 you get so many colours and such pigmented shades too. I just love it! There’s nothing else I can really say, other than it’s my favourite out of all of the ones I own.



I’ve tested a lot of eyeliners in my day, being an eyeliner nut! But I think I’m going to have to go with Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner Black.

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner Black

I do a lot of cat-eyeliner and for me, this eyeliner is the easiest to use in order to get the perfect flick at the end and the thin liner in the inner corner of my eye.

The formula is so black which I love. I usually don’t have to layer up my eyeliner in order to get it looking perfect for me.

So yeah, this is my ride or die eyeliner. It was a tough one, but this is it everyone. It’s only £5.99 as well!



I love my lipsticks and it was SO HARD trying to pick only one lipstick to go with. I think I have over 20 lipsticks, so yeah, this one was a toughy! But I went with MAC’s Lipstick in the shade Fast Play.

This is my first and only MAC lipstick I have ever owned, so it is my baby. I love the shade, I love how it feels on my lips. It’s so creamy and smooth, plus very pigmented!

Again, this is quite a pricey item being £15.50, but it’s worth it in my opinion.

Unlike most lipsticks, this one does not fade quickly during the day. Yes it does fade, but after quite a few hours is it really noticeable, and even then its only after you’ve eaten or drank something.

I make sure to savour this lipstick, worried for the day it will run out and I will be without it. Of course I’ll buy a new one, but it’s still a worrying thought to me.



I have a quite a few lipglosses alongside my lipsticks, but again, I have to turn to my nostalgic lipgloss.

Natural Collection Juicy Lips Gloss.

I have got through about 3 tubes of this in my lifetime of finding it which was around six years ago now. Yes, I was twelve when I first got this lipgloss and it has been by my side ever since whenever I needed something easy to put on my lips.

It isn’t the most pigmented lipgloss in the world and it does rub off after a while so you do need to top it up, but it does the trick and is always there to give my lips a subtle pink shine whenever I need it.

It’s £1.99 so it is VERY affordable.

I don’t see a day when this is no longer in my makeup collection, if I’m honest. Well, until they discontinue it of course, which I hope they never do!


Setting Spray:

I have never invested in a setting spray before, so just like the eyelashes, I can’t really put any products down for the my ride or die. I know I need to get one, but in my local shops, I can never find any good ones, or ones at all! Do let me know if you know any good ones that I should try out. Leave the suggestion in the comments below!



I love smelling my best. I love finding new body sprays or perfumes to try! So picking a favourite was difficult, but I think I’ve come to the conclusion that Revlon Charlie Red Eau de toilette is my perfume ride or die! 

I remember getting this as a present from my friend as she didn’t want it anymore, and after one spray I fell in love.

The scent is just beautiful with a mix of fruits and floral smells.

When looking at the Fragrance notes on the Boots website, it came up with this:

Top: Blackcurrant, orange flower, violet, leaver
Middle: Rose, jasmine, muguet, plum, aprocpt
Bottom: Vanilla, tonka beans, heliotrope flower

I’m not really sure what that means, but I’m guessing that it is all of the ingredients that have gone into this perfume.

(I was only given the bottle, not the box to go with it)

You guys get the idea, but it is such as lovely smell and it brings back so many happy memories.


So that’s everything in my Ride or Die tag. I hope you enjoyed it and it inspired you to take a look at some of these products.

Do leave in the comments if you have any product suggestions, or if you have any of your own ride or die preferences.

Of course, go over to Jaclyn Hill’s YouTube channel and give her a watch. She is such a lovely person and super talented with makeup.

See you all in the next post!

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