Trying to Remember

“Describe trying to remember a dream.”

I tug at my mind trying to remember the insanity that was last night.

The dream was so unreal that it just fills my mind in colours of pinks, purples, reds and even browns! I don’t know why, but those colours are just so vibrant in my brain.

My friends are giving me worrying looks but I still squint my eyes, pressing my mind to tell me what that dream was!

I was thinking about it only ten minutes ago.

I was going over the obscenity in my mind.

Where has it gone?

‘Are you okay, June?’ my friends asks. ‘It’s okay if you can’t remember it.’

‘It was just in my mind a minute ago!’ I say back.

I sound frantic that I almost laugh at myself, but stop myself quickly. I already look loony! I don’t want my friends to think that I’m going crazy.

There’s a pull in my mind as I tug for the dream to come back into my memory. It makes me feel nauseated and unsteady. I feel frustrated; angry at myself.

‘It’s gone,’ I sigh in defeat.

My friend shrugs. ‘It’s okay,’ she says easily, ‘Hey I had the best idea…’

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