Week #10

It’s CRAZY how we’re already on week ten of this blog!

I want to thank everyone who follows and reads my posts, this blog would be nothing without you guys keeping in tune.


Today I spent the day with my boyfriend.

It is the final full-day I get with him today before he has to go back home, so what do we do? We watched Netflix, we tidied the house, we nipped to the shops to grab some last minute food because we realised we had none left, and…yeah. I think that’s it.

As it was just a simple day I didn’t do much with my face. My outfit was pretty normal too with just a daisy crop top and jeans. Pretty standard. Roll on Tuesday.



Today was my last day with Ollie being my roommate, so obviously, I was having a day in pyjamas and trying to make every moment count… g, it sounds like he’s dying! He’s not. I had just gotten so used to his company 24/7 that I am really going to miss him not being around.

I started off the day quite cheerful, cleaning the house a bit more to make it spotless for my parents’ return from Oz, doing some baking – again for my parents, and then watched Netflix and movies with Ollie.

I drooped later on today once Ollie drove back home.


I promise you! I had a shower! I promise you that! I’m just still wearing my pyjamas.

All I did was put some mascara on today as I wasn’t having the best of days – health and emotion wise.

I did however, do some exercise. It felt so good to do a light cardio workout after so long of not. All I’ve been doing to keep fit is walking everywhere. Pitiful! I need to start doing more exercise, and get rid of all of the cake I have been eating!


Today I had a job interview!

I made sure to look smart and wear makeup that was natural(ish) to my standards, yet nice. I put on a colourful shirt and black trousers.

It was an evening interview, starting at 6:30pm and ending at 9:15pm. Which was fine as I had the whole day to prep (plus lie in).

I never know what will happen with job interviews so I try to keep open minded. There have been lots of times I’ve come away thinking I’ve got it but then find out I don’t, so I just go into interviews now with an open-mind. I give it my all and make sure to be my cheery self and see what becomes of it.

Only time will tell with these sorts of things I’m afraid. Only time will tell.


Yes. I’m in bed. Yes. I stayed in bed pretty much the whole day.

Being unemployed and having no college or school to go to, with friends that live quite a pricey way away, I come to find days when I’m usually in bed doing nothing but writing, planning odd power points, watching Netflix or DVDs, and even just sleeping.

Some people may envy this type of lifestyle, and I was once one of those people. Now? I’m so bored and long for a job; for clubs I can afford to take part in; for friends who live close to me; for a college or school that I can learn and meet new people, as well as build my future.

Sitting at home doing nothing is useful sometimes, but it’s also boring and can make you very depressed. Sitting at home, I know that I’m in a rut in life. It’s hard, but I’m trying to progress and get out of this rut and start exercising, learning, meeting new people, travelling. It’s just hard when you don’t even have a foundation. But I’m getting there. Slowly. I am.

I’m making sure to stay positive as much as I can. It’s the best I can do at the moment.

Quote of the Week:

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