A Personal Dream

“Describe a dream you remember.”

Okay, so rather than a Fictional Short Story, I’m going to tell you a little story about myself…


Every Halloween – either the night before or the night of – I have a dream that I am transported to a Halloween theme park.

I’ve been having this dream since I was five, so at least over thirteen years.

The theme park is giant with a massive manor house in the centre, sort of like the castles at Disneyland are laid out.

At the top of the tower there is a giant, glowing clock.

Whenever the clock strikes midnight, monsters come out of the manor and walk around the park, interacting with the guests of the park.

Within the manor is a ride where you sit in a cart and move around in this haunted manor.

I’m not keen on horror films and get nightmares by watched any type of horror, but whenever I have this dream, I don’t really see it as a nightmare because me inside of the dream is enjoying the time at the Halloween Park.

There is a main stage that have performers entertaining every hour. In most dreams I jump on the stage and do a special dance or sing a song. Don’t judge, it is my dream and my park!

Roller coasters are dotted everywhere as well as monkey swingers, that boat ride that swings backwards and forwards that you always think you’re going to fall out of! – Nope, I can’t stand those, but they’re in my park. There are restaurants and cafes dotted around as well as other little rides like the spinning tea pots and such.

Each year when I go there I bring one friend from my personal life. In Halloween 2015 it was my boyfriend, Ollie, who I had, then, only been with for a couple of weeks.

I used to go with a friend and my family until I couple of years ago… I guess my mind thought I was old enough to go to this park with only a friend which I find quite funny.

So yeah, this is a yearly dream that I thought I would share with you all.

I find it interesting.

It’s my park and I can be quite protective over it. I don’t know why. I guess it’s because I thought of it from scratch and I’ve seen it grow every year.

The park never changes in my mind. Some rides are added, but everything is the same layout whenever I go back.

That dream is one of my favourites every year, so, yeah, I hope you enjoyed this little snippit into my dreams.

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