Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Book)

That’s right!

You saw the title and you clicked it!

Time to review the one… the only…

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child… Script.

No, I have not seen the play yet as tickets are VERY expensive. Plus, I can’t get tickets until 2017. And anyway, I would have to buy tickets for both Part 1 AND Part 2, meaning that I would have to spend over £200, for two tickets (that should count as one as they’re for one person), to watch the play. I will see it one day, but not while I’m unemployed and already owe my mum that much money for just raising me as a human being.

So! What did I think of the book?

I liked it…

No one hate on me for my honest opinion, but truly, although I enjoyed it, it was not the best.

I don’t know if it was because I was reading a Script, and I just didn’t get the feel for it like I did for the actual Fictional Books before it. Or if it was the story line and the Harry Potter I had a crush on for my ENTIRE life had completely changed.

Spoiler Warning!

Yes! Harry Potter is meant to be older. I get it. But, that doesn’t mean he has to become someone who goes, “Oh you think you have it bad? I had no parents growing up and yet I defeated Voldemort at the age of 17.”

When did Harry become that sort of person?


Yes, I did like it.

Learning about Albus Severus Potter’s story at Hogwarts was fascinating, and seeing his friendship grow with the unlikely character, Scorpius Malfoy was enjoyable. It showed that Albus had the heart that we all knew Harry Potter had when he was young.

I was disappointed however that we did not see more of the other characters that most fangirls had drawn fan art on, or written fan fiction about. I know I’m not the only one who was excited to see the other characters, not JUST Albus Potter.

But, like many, I was let down by the lack of characters…

We saw Lily Luna and James Sirius twice throughout this play, and even then, we rarely saw them. Rose and Hugo Granger-Weasley? We rarely saw Rose, who everyone thought was going to be a big character as she starts off in the play being quite big and then fizzles away by the end. Hugo might as well not have been part of the Granger-Weasley family as you never saw him.

All of the other children that we learnt about in the past books like Teddy Lupin; let alone the rest of the Weasley family, were not there.

Yes, I know its a play and there can’t be a MASSIVE cast. But all we’re asking are the actual characters that we grew up with, not a select few.

I’m ranting. I apologise. It just hurts.

Reading the book is an experience, although to me, it wasn’t a massive conclusion to the Harry Potter story as some of it just didn’t make sense.


When did Voldemort and Bellatrix Lastrange have a kid?! Bellatrix had a husband for start. Yes I know she was a loyal follower of Voldemort, but she wouldn’t have an affair for him. I don’t think anyway. She seemed loyal to her husband. Voldemort may have been evil, but having a daughter? Doesn’t seem to fit into his character profile for some reason… especially as he spent most of his adulthood trying to kill a kid, I doubt he’d want to make his own.


Unfortunately, it will have to be my least favourite Harry Potter book.

A let down, mostly.

I’ll let you all read it and tell me your views. It just wasn’t the book I was hoping for.

I love you JKRowling. I do. But this wasn’t the best you’ve done.

I will treasure the book for sure, but I just hope that once I see the play, it changes my views on the story.

Rating: 3/5

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