The Couple’s 123 Tag

(Featured Image is from the ‘Soppy’ Graphic Novel by Phillipa Rice)

So, I have a treat for you all!

Well, it may be a treat… I think it is. But I’m biased, of course.

So! I’ve talked about him, but never had him actually write anything on here. Of course I wouldn’t. This is my blog.

ANYWAY! Together, my boyfriend Ollie and I are going to do a Question Tag together.

Here’s a picture of him if you are unaware of who I’m talking about…


We will both answer a question about what we think each other likes, and hope that the answer is correct!… G, this could go horribly.

Oh well! It’s for entertainment.

1…2…3… Go!


 1. If your bf/gf could be married to a movie star who would it be?

Becky’s Answer: Erm… Ryan Reynolds or Emma Stone…?

Ollie’s Reaction: Not bad…. But where is Tom Hardy??

Ollie’s Answer: Daniel Radcliffe

Becky’s Reaction: Yay!! You got it right.


2. If your bf/gf could be a celebrity who would it be?

Becky’s Answer: Tom Hardy or Ryan Reynolds.

Ollie’s Reaction: Yes!! Would love to play Bane. (Bulking).

Ollie’s Answer: J Law and Sasha Grey (….teehee)

Becky’s Reaction: Jennifer Lawrence, yes! But you’re forgetting obviously, Helena Bonham Carter… dude! I love her!


3. You’ve gone to 7/11 to get milk and decide to buy your bf/gf a treat, what did you buy?

Becky’s Answer: Pokemon Cards, or a Yorkie (chocolate bar)

Ollie’s Reaction: TOO BLOODY RIGHT!

Ollie’s Answer: PUGTATO AND ZOOTOPIA!! **Crowd cheers at epic answer**

Becky’s Reaction: YAS!! YASS!! And….. anything. If it’s definitely 7/11 then an epic slushie.


4. What percentage of house work would your bf/gf say that they do?

Becky’s Answer: 20% in his own house. 5% in my house when he stays over and it’s just us in the house.

Ollie’s Reaction: More like 50% in my own house (Dog does the rest)….. sod all when I’m round yours…

Ollie’s Answer: 30%

Becky’s Reaction: Bitch please, I do all of it! When my mum isn’t at home.


5. If your bf/gf could choose one thing for you to get rid of, what would it be?

Becky’s Answer: I don’t know…. honestly. I’m not sure.

Ollie’s Reaction: All the Rattatas in your damn area.

Ollie’s Answer:……. Pubes.

Becky’s Reaction: Nah. Don’t actually mind those…


6. What is your bf/gf most repeated sentence or phrase?

Becky’s Answer: Tis I, King of Many Kidneys!

Ollie’s Reaction:….. What’s the worst that can happen? **Insert horrendous wink**

Ollie’s Answer: **cute voice** NO!!

Becky’s Reaction: No!! And… Sup Doody.


7. What is your bf/gf most used cuss word?

Becky’s Answer: Fuck it!

Ollie’s Reaction: accurate…..

Ollie’s Answer: Oh shit it!!

Becky’s Reaction: Pretty much, yeah.


8. What is your bf/gf ultimate favourite movie?

Becky’s Answer: Pulp Fiction and Finding Nemo. I think I’ve got it wrong though…

Ollie’s Reaction: What….. What about the extended The Lord Of the Rings trilogy?? (Becky: For fuck’s sake I forgot!!!!)

Ollie’s Answer: Harry Potter (all of them)……….. and most Disney films? And Dark knight trilogy?………

Becky’s Reaction: *Sigh* Harry Potter, yes. BUT! You forgot The Breakfast Club and Heathers. (Ollie: **starts sentence whilst slowly backing away**….. Both overrated in my opinion….. Although pretty good character development in The Breakfast Club)


9. A meteor just hit, you’ve saved everything important, what would your bf/gf go back to get?

Becky’s Answer: Gimli (his dog), the Lord of the Rings trilogy, xbox 1, catheters, piss bags, tablets, and ME!

Ollie’s Reaction: Not bad…… But what about my transplant babes, family….. start an army…… 

Ollie’s Answer: As many bloody books as possible, Lucy (Dog), food and note pad and pen…… probably forget me on the loo or something.

Becky’s ReactionOkay, books and dog was right. LAPTOP!! MEMORY BOX!! MY DVDS!! Everything really…
10. The saying opposites attract is true because me and my bf/gf are opposite at _______?

Becky’s AnswerWell he has strong Lord of the Rings knowledge while I have strong Harry Potter knowledge…

Ollie’s Reaction: I know Harry Potter pretty well……

Ollie’s Answer: Well I have a penis……..

Becky’s Reaction: Debatable…



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