Followed Home by a Crush

“You realise your crush is following you home. What do you do?”

I look behind me again.

Yes, that is definitely him. I would know his curly blonde hair anywhere!

My hands start to get clammy and I’m suddenly self-conscious on how I’m walking. Am I swaying? Are my legs looking weird? Maybe I shouldn’t have worn shorts today, my thighs are probably jiggling.

I look back and there he is, still following me, but this time he quickens his step towards me.

I feel like running.

I don’t know what to do.

Should I say something?

Yes Natasha, say something, you can do it!

‘Why are you following me?’ I call back to him. Okay, straight to the point, I can work with that.

He stops for a second, and then hurries over to where I’m standing, my arms crossed over my stomach and toes scrunched up in my trainers. He’s here. He’s actually going to talk to me. Me!

Taking a deep breath before he says, ‘You dropped your ID on the bus,’ he holds out my little ID holder that is decorated in DC Comic villains. I gulp, hoping he doesn’t notice the illustrations.

He does. ‘Nice ID holder,’ he says, ‘The Joker is my favourite, although he seems to be everyone’s.’     I take my ID from him and put it in my pocket. ‘I like Harley Quinn,’ I say, my voice small.

‘Don’t all DC girls love Harley Quinn?’ he laughs.

I feel like an idiot. ‘Not everyone,’ I say trying to defend myself, ‘some people think she’s dumb, which I highly disagree with but…’ I trail off. I could rant all day about DC comics, especially Harley Quinn, so I stop myself before I scare him off. I cough. ‘Well, doesn’t every DC Boy love the Joker?’

He looks impressed. ‘Okay, I get it. That’s very true. Not everyone loves the Joker either.’

We pause.

Then I ask the question. I hope it doesn’t come out soppy like in the films. ‘Why did you walk all of this way just to give me my ID?’ I ask quickly. ‘You could have just given it to me tomorrow at college.’

He nods, cracking his knuckles. ‘I could, but I thought you would have needed it.’

‘True,’ I say but really it’s not true. I’m not planning on going out before college tomorrow so I could have gone a night without it.

Again, he nods. ‘Well I’ll see you tomorrow, Natasha.’ he turns around and starts to walk away.

‘Thank you,’ I shout after him.

He grins back at me. ‘Anytime; you seem cool.’

Thankfully he turns around before he seems my cheeks going bright red.

I seem cool?

He just told me I seemed cool?

I smile to myself, slotting my ID into my pocket and carry on walking home.


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