Week #8


Today I glammed myself up as I was going into town to see an old friend who I hadn’t seen in two years.

It was a very good day! I got my Starbucks, was able to buy Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (which I will review) and was just able to chat and relax, catching up with each others life.

I did my makeup like I usually do, so that’s no surprise, really. May I just say though… I am very proud of my eyebrows.


Today was a very happy day for me!


My boyfriend moved into my house as he’s staying with me for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! Very excite!!

As I was just having a lazy day, watching films and cuddling with my boyfriend, I didn’t see the point for wearing my normal makeup. Instead, I just put on some mascara and eyeliner. For comfy clothes, I grabbed a strappy tee, another to put over it and wore my pyjamas bottoms. What else?


No picture today as I forgot/didn’t have time!

It was going to be a lazy day, watching the Batman: Dark Knight trilogy, but when we tried to play the DVDs, they ended up not working. SO! Time to go back into town and get them cleaned.

Ollie (boyfriend) and I ended up spending most of the day out of the house instead, walking around, chatting, looking in shops. I had to pop to the Doctors, but other than that, it was a lovely day with the boy I love dearly.


Today was spent watching films, sleeping, reading and popping down to the nearest Tesco to get some food and milk. It felt fun to “adult” today.

I didn’t do much with my makeup today as I wasn’t really feeling my best, so I just had my straightforward eyeliner and mascara.

Yes, that is a War of the Worlds t-shirt I am wearing. I LOVE that musical and recommend it to everyone. It’s incredible.


Today, I had my friends over for a little get together, chatting, hanging out, watching films and playing games. It was a laugh and I really enjoyed myself. Some of the friends over, I hadn’t seen since June, and one I hadn’t even seen since last June 2015! Crazy!!

Picture of me and Ollie mucking around with Snapchat:


It was a brilliant night.

I did glam up for the occasion, doing my makeup with bold eyes and nude, glossy lips. I left my hair to its natural state – blow drying it of course, to make it go fluffy.

This week has been a good week and I’ve really enjoyed it.

Role on next week!

Quote of the Week:


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