Reading Tag

1. What is your favourite book cover?

Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver. Look how pretty!

2. Do you prefer reading during the day or night?

It really depends on what type of book it is.

If it’s a contemporary or just an easy-read then I’ll read it whenever, but if the book is a thriller and has some creepiness to it, then I can only read it during the day, otherwise I get the heebee-jeebees.

3. Do you cry while reading?

If it’s a really sad book, then yes. I tend to cry more at films than books, but I do get very sad if something bad happens in a book.

4. If you could have a pet from any book, what would you pick?

Buckbeak from Harry Potter!! He is so loyal and such a lovely creature…. G, I sound like Hagrid don’t I?! Oh well…

5. What is the section you walk to immediately to when you enter a bookstore?

The YA section or the Graphic Novels section.

6. Is there any book you prefer the film/tv adaption of?

Nope, I don’t think there is so far…

7. Do you prefer orderly or messy bookshelves?

I try and be as orderly as I can, but then they usually become messy with the amount of books I have. Here’s a picture of my bookshelves at the moment:

I have a lot of little trinkets as well, that make everything seem a lot more cluttered, but the books are organised!

8. Can you read even when it’s really noisy or do you need quiet?

Thankfully I can read everywhere and anywhere, whether its noisy or quiet.

The only way I find it hard to read is if someone is talking at me and we’re the only people in the room.

9. Do you prefer children’s, YA, or Adult Fiction?

It all depends on the plot for me, but on my shelf I have a lot more YA than anything else, so I guess I’ll go with that.

10. Do you have reading slumps often?

More than I care to admit. It’s so frustrating!

11. What is your ‘that was my childhood’ book?

Harry Potter! I think that was everyone’s.

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