The Giant Box

“The Cardboard box took up half of the room”

‘Delilah, your books are here!’ My brother calls down to me.

Laughing, I run down the stairs from my room and into the hallway where my brother is standing looking furrowed at this giant box just sitting in front of him, almost blocking him into the stairs. There is no way my book order is that! I had only ordered five books, not five hundred. There was no way.

‘Did a crane bring it in or something?’ I ask Hugo; that’s my brother’s name.

‘Something like that,’ he says, although I can tell he’s joking. He has a knack for being sarcastic all of the frick fracking time. It’s a joy.

I roll my eyes and jump down from the stairs to examine the box further.

It’s definitely addressed to me, but I haven’t ordered anything this big! Nor would I have the money to do so. I am still in school after all. It was a struggle just buying five books with the saved up money I have.

‘It’s for you alright,’ Hugo nods, standing next to me and admiring the postal address on the side.

‘What’s in it?’ I ask, although it was a stupid question. How could he know?

‘A unicorn,’ Hugo nods appropriately, ‘or a unicorn that poops rainbows! I heard they’re a lot of fun.’

‘When would I have bought a unicorn that poops rainbows?’ I raise my eyebrow at my brother, forever wondering how we are related.

Hugo shrugs. ‘I don’t know what you do in your spare time,’ he walks around me and heads into the kitchen, jumping over the banister in order to do so.

I take a moment to look again at the box.

It’s cardboard, and when I shake it, it seems full. I immediately regret shaking the box after I see the FRAGILE sign printed on the other side and back away from the box again, curious-er and curious-er.

Once Hugo returns he’s holding one of Dad’s giant carving knives. I’m not even sure why we have such a knife… for large boxes that turn up unexpectedly maybe?

‘Shall we?’ Hugo hands me the knife as if it’s a present.

I take the knife from him and press it into the sealed side of the box and open it.

Inside holds all of my lost possessions… every single one, piled on top of the other. It’s unbelievable, but true.

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