Week #7


Okay, I know I don’t usually put Sundays onto these posts, but I just needed to put this into this week’s lookbook because… I met Carrie Hope Fletcher, PetesJams and Scott Paige!

I went to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the New Wimbledon Theatre in London today. It was SO GOOD! I loved it.

I saw it with my boyfriend Ollie and one of my best friends, Leo.

Carrie Hope Fletcher has been my musical idol since I was younger! I went to see her when she was Jemima Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Jane Banks in Mary Poppins, years ago! She’s such a talented human and lovely person. I’m so happy that I got to meet her. If you haven’t seen her on youtube you really should!

Link to Carrie’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ItsWayPastMyBedTime

Okay, before I write an essay, let’s get on with the LookBook…


So after my super amazing day yesterday, I spent the day in bed. I got up only to go to the Doctors, but other than that, I was asleep or writing.

Clearly by the photos, I wore no makeup.

Pretty standard day… let’s move on.


So today, I tidied my room. COMPLETELY!

After I got back from Oregon I just lived in piles of clothes on my chair and in my suitcase, my room messy from even before I went on holiday.

Now, I am back to my organised, tidy room and I feel so much better.

Having a tidy house/room is so good for your health; knowing where everything is, keeping organised and having the place stress-free. There’s also more room to dance around when the place is tidy, so that’s always a plus.


Today I wore my casual face of makeup as I was meeting up with a friend.

I, however, was not feeling my best today so my friend happily came over for a catch up.

I just put some brown eye shadow on instead of my usual smokey eyes, but I did wear my signature cat-eyeliner. I don’t seem to go a makeup-day with my cat-eyeliner.


I felt extra pretty today, which is rare for me.

My makeup felt en point, my hair was thick and silky, my outfit hugged in all of the right places and everything just felt so comfortable.

My mum and I chose this day to go shopping.

We went into town, ran a few errands while I popped into Waterstones, Superdrug, Topshop and HMV. Yes, I spent money, but not as much as I thought I would. I picked things up to buy and I actually PUT THE ITEMS DOWN! Can you believe it?! I put down products and didn’t buy them! Still love what I bought though, and when I have more money, will go back most likely to treat myself.



Today I wore the amazing FREEDOM Cosmetics, highlighter and oh my G, I am OBSESSED! I literally glow with this highlighter. I shine. I love it!Freedom Pro Highlight Palette

Freedom Pro Highlight Palette

Rating: 5/5 such an amazing palette! I so recommend! So pigmented! Only £6.00 so VERY affordable.

Anyway… I went to get my haircut today and had an evening of watching the films Matilda (a childhood classic) and Lady in the Van (A new comedy with the stunning Dame Maggie Smith as the protagonist).

Lovely day.


Quote of the Week:


Stay Awesome You Lovely People! 

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